Turkish parliamentarian: 9/11 wasn't just Mossad - CIA also involved

Yesterday I blogged about being invited to lunch in the Turkish National Legislature with a Turkish National Police Chief and a leading parliamentarian, and discussing Turkey's triumph (so far) over the false-flag terror plot known as Ergenekon - which would have been Turkey's 9/11 had the plotters succeeded.

What I didn't mention is what my Turkish hosts - including parliamentarian Fehmi Husrev Kutlu - Deputy for Adiyaman and the Administrative Commissioner of the Turkish Legislature (GNAT) - said about 9/11.

The short version: Like everyone else I've met in Turkey, they know it was an inside job.

When I asked Deputy Kutlu whether Turkey might pass legislation calling for or even establishing an international investigation of 9/11, he replied: "This is something that could happen in the future." I pointed out that several noted international leaders, including Iran's President Ahmedinejad, Cuba's Castro, and Venezuela's Chavez support 9/11 truth. "They're not the only ones!" Deputy Kutlu said with a smile. He added: "Most (pro-9/11-truth) leaders have not yet spoken out in public. But in private, it is a completely different story."

Another guest at our private luncheon opined that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had planned and carried out the 9/11 attack. "It wasn't just Mossad," Deputy Kutlu corrected him. "The CIA also had a hand in it."

This kind of fearless table talk, par for the course in Turkey, is probably not very common in the private dining room of the US Senate!

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