Welcome to Turkey, the world's anti-false-flag-terror capital!

Lavon. Northwoods. USS Liberty. Gladio. 9/11. Bali. Madrid. 7/7. Mumbai. 

What do all of the above false-flag terror plots have in common? 

They got away with it. Nobody ever went to jail.

No wonder Indiana prosecutor and Republican activist Carlos Lam felt comfortable sending Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker an email urging him to launch a false-flag terror attack to score political points.

So far, only one country has shut down its own military leaders' plan for a massive false-flag attack. That country is the (increasingly Islamic) Republic of Turkey.

I recently sat down to a sumptuous lunch in Turkey's National Legislature - the equivalent of the US capitol - with a Turkish parliamentarian and one of Turkey's five top national police chiefs. After a few courses and small talk, I dove right in and congratulated them on stopping Ergenekon (the Turkish 9/11).

The Ergenekon bust is a truly historic event. Fifteen generals and dozens of other officers as well as politicians and journalists are in jail for planning to blow up the country's biggest mosques and stage a fake "Greek attack" as a pretext to seize power. Apparently they were in cahoots with Mossad and the Gladio holdovers from US/NATO.

As far as we know, this is the only time that a big false-flag, Mossad-facilitated plot  has been pre-empted and the perps jailed. The national police chief explained to me that they've had coups d'├ętat in Turkey before, so the police (who have been largely taken over by pro-democracy Islamic activists) set up a parallel national intelligence unit, purchased top-of-the-line spy equipment, and ended up playing the intel game better than the perps!

The moral: Good people need to infiltrate the institutions of power and fight back against the psychopaths. Here in Turkey, as in other Islamic countries, religious piety is strongly associated with moral and ethical behavior, while non-religiosity is often associated with opportunism and worse - which is why Islamic activists tend to be the best people in Islamic countries.

That's why the Zio-Americans are working so hard to keep them out of power. The religious activists are harder to corrupt than the secular politicians. They won't sell out their people for Zionist-printed US funny money.

In America, many good people (think Paul Wellstone) are not particularly religious. Unfortunately, the potentially good leaders in the US - those with morality, idealism and charisma - usually get assassinated, and their backers show little desire to even acknowledge the truth about their heroes' assassinations. Whereas here in Turkey, Muslim democracy activists learned to unite and cover each others' backs during the long night of cultural genocide. Their shared religiosity creates a kind of brotherhood. If the fascists kill a Turkish Islamic activist leader, as they often have, the fact gets acknowledged and protested. Ultimately, it was the ties of religious brotherhood among the police that brought down Ergenekon.

Does the US have a shared moral framework, such as a commitment to the Constitution, that would allow us to take the country back from the 9/11 coup plotters and their puppets?  Only time will tell.

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