Cop who shot Jim Duensing linked to terrorist group?

The Las Vegas cop who shot Libertarian senatorial candidate Jim Duensing in the back may be linked to terrorism, according to internet sleuth "Guy Fawkes." A post at Veterans for Secure Borders by a "David Gilbert, Nevada, E-6, US ARMY, 12" offers proof that a police officer named David Gilbert from Nevada was a long-time member of the world's leading terrorist group. This terrorist group, which calls itself "the U.S. Armed Forces," has been implicated in the recent Ft. Hood shootings as well as the deaths of many millions of people around the world. (For evidence that the US military is by far the world's biggest and nastiest terrorist group, listen to William Blum on my radio show or in print.)

If this is the same Nevada cop named David Gilbert who shot Jim Duensing, he apparently doesn't like Hispanic people much more than he likes Libertarian 9/11 truthers.  In the post at Veterans for Secure Borders, Gilbert writes:

If you don't speak spanish you'll end up with extra onions when you ask for none. As a cop, I almost always get the standard reply to my request for "drivers license, registration and insurance please" of any hispanic person...."Uh, me no speak english, you get some one who does"; "I no talk to you till spanish here"....We just need to lose the same political correctness that is killing us here.

Maybe he decided to taze-and-shoot first, and ask questions later, because he thought Jim looked like he had some Mexican ancestry? 

Additionally,  Gilbert may have reason to dislike lane-changers. (Duensing was tazed and shot after he was pulled over for a lane-change violation). According to a 2005 news story, a Las Vegas police officer named David Gilbert was injured in an accident involving a motorist who failed to yield the right of way.