Tales of Hoffman

I used to admire and respect Jim Hoffman, whose classic studies of the WTC demolitions were among the best of their time. Then he and his girlfriend Victronix appointed themselves the 9/11 Truth Thought Police and embarked on an ever-accelerating course of destructive criticism of some of the best 9/11 researchers and activists.

They protested a David Ray Griffin event in Oakland because Griffin (along with at least 90% of the truth movement) doesn't support their claim that Flight 77 really did hit the Pentagon. They attacked Loose Change, 9/11 in Plane Site, and 9/11 Mysteries -- the three best 9/11 truth videos of their time, which collectively brought this issue alive for tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of people. They started attacking me with an endless barrage of false and distorted accusations. Now, they're at the core of the miniature lynch mob going after Pentagon investigators CIT.

Hoffman and Victronix have always refused requests for radio interviews and failed to return phone calls--a very bad sign, since sincere 9/11 truth advocates are always ready to talk out their differences. Nonetheless I hoped to meet Hoffman and Victronix during my recent West Coast speaking tour, and  set up a talk with the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance in part for that purpose. I invited them very politely with my umpteenth peace overture. They didn't get back to me, and didn't attend the meeting.

Instead, their fellow 9/11 Thought Police officer, Brian Good, barged into the meeting (of a group from which he had been banned long ago after sexually harassing a local activist) in a V-for-Vendetta mask and costume, looming over the meeting in rigid, menacing silence for the last hour or so of the event, in what he evidently thought was a protest of my visit. A couple of times he reached into his cape and made lunging motions as if he were reaching for his V-for-Vendetta knife to throw at me. When he finally took off the mask and glared at me, his eyes looked disturbingly like Charles Manson's. (If you put Manson on a rack, stretched him out to about six foot four, and gave him a shave and a trim, you'd have a pretty good image of Brian Good.)

Good continued to stalk me, and Hoffman avoid me, for the rest of the tour. At my final talk, held in a private house in Sacramento, Good stood outside on the sidewalk in mask and costume from 6 pm to midnight, barking out angry remarks about me to passersby.

What in the world does the Hoffman-Victronix-Good clique think they're doing with their empty, destructive attacks on fellow 9/11 truth-seekers? 

Anyway, here are my thoughts about Hoffman's slideshow attacking CIT, originally composed as a long email to recent radio guest Ken Jenkins:

"Debunking CIT Debunking: An Answer to Jim Hoffman and Other Defenders of the South of Citgo Theory"