Showdown with Shoebat!

I debated Walid Shoebat, self-styled "ex-Muslim-terrorist" turned Evangelical Islamophobe, on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley today.  Listen  here.

Walid's schtick is beyond belief in more ways than one. Imagine what would happen if a Christian convert from Judaism went on a PR blitz with millions of dollars backing him, spreading imaginary stories about having slurped up Christian babies' blood back when he was Jewish. Would he get away with it? If not, why is Shoebat getting away with spreading blood libels against Muslims? Jonathan Swift, where are you when we need you?

Walid Shoebat's Evil Twin: We Jews Want to EAT You!

Please don't tell anybody the above article is satire, since I enjoy getting death threats from outraged morons.

Onward, Rocinante!

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