How to watch today's False Flag Weekly News - special edition

Allan of NoLiesRadio is on vacation this week. So here is the self-produced special edition of False Flag weekly news:

Here are the stories we covered:
1) The Iranian Nuclear Deal in Global Geopolitics (16 slides)
2) Anthony Hall case: Smoking gun in Schnarr/Lethbridge Herald libel
3) The contested centenary of Britain’s ‘calamitous promise’
4) Scaramucci Post poll questions holocaust orthodoxy
5) Ursula Haverbeck sentenced to six months for "holocaust denial"
6) Are Gitmo captives being "zapped" – just like US Embassy personnel in Havana?
7) Braden Matejka is an ordinary guy, well-known in his community – NOT a crisis actor  
(four slides)
8) Let's burn the banks – and call it performance art!

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