Architect/attorney David Noble: "I have explained to Trump that Israel did 9/11..." and much more!

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My listeners have suggested using this blog to point to my recent articles and interviews. So here is the first installment, covering what I've been up to so far this month.

Brand new show!  Architect/attorney David Noble: "I have explained to Trump that Israel did 9/11..."   link:


Most Recent Show: Fake News Rumble with Rolf Lindgren and Jim Fetzer; Scott Stockdale on "History's Greatest Fraud"
Show link

Also check out:

“Dying CIA agent confesses to demolition of WTC-7” FAKE NEWS

New False Flag Weekly News:

"The Debate: Saudi vs. Qatar - Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson"

Free Nabeel Rajab!

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Recent Show: Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig asks: Is the West governed by psychopaths? 
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Recent Show: Kevin Barrett interviewed on Woodstock radio 104.1 FM with Steve Romine 

Jewish advocacy group launches petition to keep alleged 'Holocaust denier' out of Canada

Will National Post print my response to "Holocaust denier" libel?

Interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett about Al-Quds day

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