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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LUNATIC! LUNATIC! LUNATIC! False-flag denier’s epic meltdown on international TV

Some people just can’t handle the notion that some “terrorist attacks” may be false flag events.
Robert David Steele, a former CIA Clandestine Services Case Officer who used to orchestrate false flags as part of his job, is appalled at the prevailing level of false flag denial.
27 leading public intellectuals discuss false flags in general and the Paris and San Bernardino attacks in particular.  Now available on Amazon.
27 leading public intellectuals discuss false flags in general and the Paris and San Bernardino attacks in particular. Now available on Amazon.
It is with sadness that I observe that most people – including extremely intelligent and accomplished people – appear to have lost their critical thinking faculties over the past quarter century. When I have the temerity to suggest that Paris may have been a false flag event intended to
  • legalize the illegal US war against Syria by invoking the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Article 5 protection clause;
  • or that it is a means for the party in power in France to lock down the country (neutralizing the extreme right challenging its loose authority);
  • or that Saudi Arabia and Turkey gain from international publicity consistent with their export of state-sponsored terrorism;
  • or that Israel is always happy to both punish France for supporting the Palestinians and considering a boycott of Israeli products while also frightening more French Jews into moving to Israel to fill up the illegal settlements being built there at U.S. taxpayer expense
I get three reactions:
  • one third tell me that it is high time someone put all this in writing at a time when the mainstream media and even alternative media have been bribed or intimidated into avoiding any challenge to the official narrative;
  • one third tell me I am most certainly a lunatic and perhaps a traitor (remember this is how America treated Daniel Elsberg on Viet-Nam and the Dixie Chicks on Iraq); and
  • one third don’t notice – they don’t read much and are largely oblivious to world events.
False flag denialist Andre Walker probably thinks that Steele – who personally ran false flags for the CIA – is “most certainly a lunatic” for knowing, from direct first-hand personal experience, that false flags exist.
I just debated the boozy, excitable Walker on Press TV. His incessant drunken yapping, in some impenetrable dialect of cockney, did include a few recognizable English words, chiefly: “LUNATIC! LUNATIC! LUNATIC!”
It was like being stuck in a tawdry pub with some hooligan drowning his sorrows after a losing football match.
Where does Press TV find these people?
After my previous debates with a suspected reptilian and Maxi the Zionist, I figured they’d find me some respectable opposition this time. No such luck.
Andre Walker should say hello to Patrick Clawson, a leading think-tanker (from WINEP) who has called for a false flag to start a war with Iran. Clawson, a big fan of false flags, brags that they are “the American way to go to war.”
Is Clawson a lunatic?
There, at least, is one thing Andre Walker and I can agree on.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Richard Gage on FFWN: Silverstein’s confession to designing new WTC-7 BEFORE 9/11 incredible!

Richard Gage, AIA, leads the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The group includes thousands of professionals debunking the government’s version of what happened to the World Trade Center.
On Friday, Gage – who has considerable experience designing large buildings – spoke out about WTC owner Larry Silverstein’s bombshell revelation that the new World Trade Center Building 7 was designed BEFORE 9/11.
“It is pretty incredible,” said Gage, interviewed on False Flag Weekly News.
Gage pointed out that for construction on the new Building 7 to begin in May of 2002, the official time frame – which presupposes that 9/11 was a shocking and unforeseen event – was highly improbable, even before Silverstein’s latest confession.
“Let’s just set aside the revelation, as damning as it is, if it’s true, and we’ll come to that. Let’s just think in terms of the incredible disaster that happened on 9/11, how the entire country was in shock, and how almost everything was put to a standstill. Particularly in New York, and particularly at the site of the World Trade Center. Imagine, after these three buildings come down – and of course the media didn’t even tell the engineering and architectural community about the third tower (WTC-7) at all, since it wasn’t played on TV, most architects and engineers know nothing about it.
“But you’ve got three months after 9/11, let’s just give it three months, to even begin to come out of the ashes, and the state of emotional devastation, to even begin to select a designer for a new building. And then construction begins six months after that!
“So figure, they’re not even going to select a designer for three months. Or if they are, it’s going to take three months to find one. So … if in January 2002 they began the actual design process and engineering process of a 50-story skyscraper like the new Building 7, it would take a year or more, probably two years – especially at that site, and especially over the top of a new Con Edison electrical substation. Which this new WTC-7 is built over the top of, just like the old WTC-7 that went down.
“We’ve got construction starting in June (or May, according to Wikipedia -ed.) of 2002. They could not have started design until January 2002 under normal circumstances. That’s a six month design process! So we have a huge problem with the sequence of events here, even without Larry’s startling admission that their first design meeting was in April of 2000. Which is more likely to be true!”
“So what if what he was saying was true? He’d be asked by the worldwide media: ‘Wait a minute! Under what auspices did you have a first design meeting (in April 2000)? How were you going to get rid of the old one? You can’t just do a controlled demolition in downtown Manhattan! It doesn’t work like that. What did you imagine was going to happen to the old WTC-7?”
What did happen to WTC-7, of course, was an illegal controlled demolition – conducted under the cover of an alleged “terrorist surprise attack” – on 9/11/2001 by Larry Silverstein and co-conspirators.
Only by planning the rebuilding of WTC-7 well in advance of the 9/11 New Pearl Harbor could construction have begun when it did.
Please report this information to law enforcement agencies.
If they do not arrest Mr. Silverstein and his accomplices, get ready for revolution.
BBC, which reported the "collapse" of WTC-7 20 minutes before it happened, is still trying to cover up 9/11
BBC, which reported the “collapse” of WTC-7 20 minutes before it happened, is still trying to cover up 9/11. This video was produced by Dr. Robert Bowman, a Cal Tech Ph.D. rocket scientist and veteran fighter pilot who formerly headed the SDI space weapons program for the Air Force, whose death from cancer in 2013 stopped his tireless campaigning for 9/11 truth. The BBC doesn’t want you to see Dr. Bowman’s video, despite the fact that this is the most obvious case of “fair use” in copyright history.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

BOMBSHELL! Larry Silverstein designed NEW WTC-7 in April of 2000

Larry had the new WTC-7 designed and ready-to-go 17 months before he “pulled” the old one
He may just be a Silver-stein. But “Lucky Larry” sets the gold standard for chutzpah.
Latest example: In the above video, Silverstein says of the new WTC-7, which replaced the one he famously confessed to demolishing on 9/11/01:
We got the designs.  And the first design meeting was in April of 2000. And construction began shortly thereafter, in 2002.
One slight problem: If he hadn’t been planning the illegal, un-permitted, homicidal demolitions of WTC-7 and the entire World Trade Center complex that took place on September 11th, 2001, there would have been no point to any such design meeting back in April, 2000 … and no opportunity for beginning construction of a new WTC-7 in 2002.
With the supreme chutzpah that has become his trademark, Silverstein breezes over the demolitions of 9/11/2001 as if they were not even worth remarking on, instead going straight from his new-WTC-7 design meeting in April 2000 to the beginning of construction in 2002.
Memo to Donald Trump: If you’re looking for people who were wildly celebrating the murder of 3,000 people on September 11th, 2001, that would include not only the famous dancing Israelis, but also Larry “Pull It” Silverstein.
In 2001, “Lucky Larry,” who had previously owned only WTC-7, orchestrated a deal with his fellow-ultra-Zionist Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of the mobbed-up NY Port Authority, and another Zionist extremist billionaire, Frank Lowy, to sell the entire WTC complex to Silverstein and backers on a 100-year lease. The deal was finalized in July, 2001, and Larry took possession of the buildings … and security arrangements. But first, he hard-balled his insurers into doubling the terror insurance coverage and changing the terms to “instant cash payout.”
On September 11th, Larry hit the jackpot. The condemned-for-asbestos and largely vacant Twin Towers, with their obsolete communications infrastructure and money-hemorrhaging balance sheet, were both demolished for free – with 3,000 people inside.
Larry should have been at the Windows on the World restaurant at the top of the North Tower, just like every other day. Fortunately, he tells us, his wife reminded him of a dermatologist appointment. His daughter, who always took breakfast with him, made a similarly lame excuse. Both survived … and prospered … while everyone above the 91st floor, including everyone who showed up to have breakfast at Windows on the  World, died miserable deaths.
Lucky Larry indeed.
Larry’s luck held out when he demanded double indemnity – on the basis that he had been “victimized” by two completely separate and unrelated terrorist attacks, namely the two planes – and got it, to the tune of 4. 5 billion dollars. That’s a hefty cash-payout return on a relatively minor investment. (Silverstein put up less than 15 million of his own money to buy the WTC, and his backers had added a little over 100 million.)
Even after video proof emerged that he had confessed to “pulling” (i.e. demolishing) WTC-7, he still somehow evaded the hangman’s noose.
Then he went back to court to ask for more than $10 billion more – this time not from his own insurers, but from those of the airlines he falsely blamed for the demolitions that he himself had conducted.
But even the mobbed-up 9/11-complicit Zionist judge, Alvin Hellerstein, had had enough. For the full (satirical) story, check out my article:
Then last month, Larry’s inimitable chutzpah resurfaced when he said that his first thought on looking at the plans for the new South Tower was “it looks like it’s going to topple, it’s going to fall over.” At least if you “pull” on it hard enough, it might. Right, Larry?
Larry’s chutzpah is so monumental that it became the basis of an annual award. See:
Whatever will this unbelievable character do next?
Will someone finally arrest him?
Will we ever see him swing from the gallows?
Or will Lucky Larry’s luck hold out until he finally dies of natural causes, leaving his heirs billions of blood-stained dollars with which to conduct more outrageous Zionist mischief?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Simpson Option: Zionists Threaten Cartoon Armageddon

by Kevin Barrett, TruthJihad.com

For decades, Israel has been threatening to blow up the world if it is ever forced to end its apartheid system. Zionists call this plan to murder all of humanity “the Samson Option.

But the world, undeterred, continues to turn … against Zionist apartheid.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu upped the ante, announcing a new, even worse plot to take revenge on the nations. Termed “the Simpson Option,” Bibi's plan consists of having the Zionist-dominated media replace current television, movie and internet content with endless re-runs of The Simpsons.

“With our control of the media, it would be easy to just take everything down and broadcast Simpsons re-runs till…well, I was about to say ‘till doomsday,’ but obviously the day the Simpsons took over the world would be far worse than doomsday,” Netanyahu explained. “And that is the whole point. Nobody in their right mind would force us to give the Palestinians equal rights if they knew that they would have to watch Simpsons re-runs for all eternity.”

Zionist psy-op scriptwriter Philip Zelikow, author of 9/11: The Reality TV Show, explained: “Americans don’t care about the real world. All they care about is the audiovisual garbage the media feeds them. So threatening to destroy the real world in a nuclear holocaust doesn’t really affect them. By contrast, the complete annihilation of their media landscape by a zillion-megaton Simpsons Bomb is a truly terrorizing prospect." 

Bibi conducts a preliminary "cartoon bomb test" at the UN
But do Israel and its American agents really have that capability?

Officially, Israel maintains a position of what it calls “strategic ambiguity” regarding its Simpson Option program, neither confirming nor denying that it has the ability to insert Simpsons reruns into every TV channel, website, and movie theater in the world. But experts believe that with its huge Simpsons-bomb complex beneath the Negev desert, and its even more massive propaganda facility in southern California (code-named “Hollywood”) it would be foolish to underestimate the Jewish state’s capacity to inflict a catastrophic cartoon holocaust on the world.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016

Ted Cruz begs Kevin for money

Dear Ted Cruz,
I wouldn't give you a red cent if my life depended on it.
Kevin Barrett