Questioning the Ken O'Keefe witch hunt

Is this another orchestrated effort to smear Ken O'Keefe?

The argument seems to be: Ken promised us a World Citizen Plan that would have "legal standing." 

"Legal standing"?! WTF could that possibly mean?

What government would ever recognize something like that? 

The person posting this attack on Ken O'Keefe never cites a shred of evidence that Ken ever made such a ludicrous, self-evidently insane promise. 

I have had public and private conversations with Ken about the World Citizen Initiative, and never did he say or imply that he was going to produce some sort of legal document or argument that would compel the governments of the world to recognize "world citizens." (Anyone stupid enough to believe such a thing would deserve to have their pockets emptied!) He did say that he had "a plan" to push the Initiative further, and that details had to remain secret to prevent the bad guys from pre-empting it. 

As I understood it, Ken's general plan was to set up some kind of home base for info activists in Dominica, complete with studios and satellite dishes, and to grow the world citizen MOVEMENT (not magically force governments to disappear or surrender through some kind of legal argument – which is of course a self-evidently absurd proposition). 

The secret part of Ken's plan, as I understood it, involved the strategy for growing the movement.

Maybe I missed something. If so, Mr. "Crow House" and anybody else accusing Ken O'Keefe of fraud should produce the evidence, in the form of direct quotes from Ken (audio or written) in which he makes the claims being attributed to him. If such evidence exists, I will happily retract these skeptical words and join those accusing Ken of fraud. If it does not, the accusers would appear to be guilty of libel.

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