Christians stand with Muslims at JUSTICE OR ELSE rally in DC!

The Nation of Islam just brought hundreds of thousands of people to Washington DC to stand up for truth and justice. Unfortunately, relatively few Muslims from other groups and backgrounds attended. Check out my dispatch from the rally:

Farrakhan’s “Justice or Else” march rocks DC! 9/11 truth and justice among issues highlighted by mega-event

Today, Muslims are the biggest target of injustice on a world-historical scale. The 9/11 false flag propaganda coup continues to drive a global war of genocide against the religion of Islam and its followers. Yet the vast majority of American Muslims are apparently OK with that.

I was able to travel to Washington DC to cover this huge, critically-important event thanks to a generous Christian donor who supports 9/11 truth. He urged me to convey the message: "CHRISTIANS STAND WITH MUSLIMS."

Thank you, Christians.

But where are the Muslims? Minister Farrakhan's Nation of Islam is ready to speak the truth and lay it on the line for justice. What about the others? Apparently they are cowering in their mosques, intimidated by moronic scumbags like Jon Ritzheimer and his idiotic "anti-Islam protests." At best they may be good for a few verbal sallies on social media. But God forbid that the roughly 80% of Muslims who, according to many polls, know that 9/11 was an inside job should proactively spread that awareness...much less demand justice.

The original Muslim community had the courage to speak the truth and defend itself. Apparently today's Muslims - with some honorable exceptions including the Nation of Islam - are complete cowards...making them de facto members of the army of shaitan. They will surely have to answer to God. I cannot imagine how they expect to be judged as anything other than the lowest and vilest of human beings - fools who have misused a great inheritance, squandered goodness, and gone over to the side of evil.

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