Debating Jade Helm with Jim Fetzer on FFWN

Jade Helm & anti-police riots: A perfect storm?

1) Firestorm over Jade Helm document

2) Anti-police protests gain momentum across US

False flag warnings

3) Warning of "immanent ISIS attack" - be very afraid!

4) Oilfield explosives go missing from Halliburton

Jade Helm firestorm

5) Governor orders Texas National Guard to monitor JADE HELM

6) Army to hold public meeting to dispel Jade Helm hoax

7) Ex-CIA Clandestine Services Officer: Jade Helm NOT a plan for martial law, BUT….

8) JADE HELM, FEMA CAMPS and Posse Comitatus

9) US drills aimed at domestic "dissidents"

Anti-Police Riots: Training Ground for "Extracting Dissidents" ?

10) Baltimore setting example for "extracting dissidents"

11) Baltimore cops beat journalist

12) Riots in Chicago as part of JADE HELM martial law program

13) Crowds gather in Houston (for another protest)

14) FEMA busses spotted in North Carolina 

Veterans Today & Jade Helm

15) Gordon Duff attacks JADE HELM critics

16) Jim says Gordon Duff is "Covering for JADE HELM and the Boston bombing." Kevin says "BS"

17) Prosecution rests in penalty phase of Boston show trial

18) JADE HELM's "Silver Lining"

Retail & restaurant chains close, open

19) McDonald's closing 900 stores worldwide (China/Japan/US)

20) 133 Target Stores close in Canada

21) Walmart to build 115 new stores in China

War on Russia?

22) US to train Nazi troops in Ukraine

23) Washington choreographing all-out-war with Russia

War on Middle East

24) Robert Parry, Embracing the War on Yemen

25) Iranians board Marshall Islands ship in Persian Gulf

26) W bashed Obama over the Middle East

27) Biden commits US to send F-35s to Israel

28) Angelina Jolie calls for War with Syria at the UN

29) Biden commits US to send F-35s to Israel

30) CNN faking Gulf War footage

31) Orlov on the Limits of Propaganda
Homeland Tyranny 

32) Obama fights for cell phone "kill switch"

33) Robert Parry--Obama's deceit and deception

34) Majority of Americans prefer guns to gun control

35) CA mandatory vaccination bill rigged to emerge from committee,-public-testimony-silenced.html

36) Teacher sues over active shooter drill

37) Princeton Study--US no longer a democracy

Odds & Ends

 38) Nuclear engineer: Fukushima an "extinction level" event

39) Shoplifter in "Won't Be Caught" shirt hasn't been caught

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