NY Times: "Are Conspiracy Theories All Bad?”

The New York Times just published six short op-eds collectively entitled “Are Conspiracy Theories All Bad?” Amazingly, they’re not ALL bad. (The articles, not the theories.) Amidst the claptrap from figures like 9/11 cover-up criminal Cass Sunstein and airhead “social psychologist” Karen Douglas, the Times features decent short essays by Annie Jacobsen, Timothy Melley and Harriet Washington.

But the whole exercise begs the million dollar question: Are the best-known “conspiracy theories” – starting with the alternative narratives of the JFK and 9/11 coups – true? In those two cases, only an ignoramus could possibly fail to answer with an unqualified “yes.” (Or maybe “duh!” would be more appropriate.)

Given that the USA has suffered at least two obvious murderous coups d’état by psychopaths who are still in power, yet its citizens largely keep their heads firmly planted up their – er, in the sand – it’s pretty obvious that the nation as a whole, and its anti-conspiracy contingent in particular, is suffering from some kind of collective psychosis.

I recently published an article on this subject at Press TV, which unfortunately changed the headline. Here it is, with the original headline restored, along with minor corrections, links, video, etc.

Are People Who Hate Conspiracy Theories Crazy?


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