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Sunday, September 21, 2014

“Islamic State”: Pretext for US attack on Syria?

Blood Libel 
"The US threat to bomb Syria, using ISIL as the pretext, is yet another preposterous false flag scenario."

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  1. Regarding the praying Muslims facing in different directions: how can you rule out the possibility that the photo was taken at the North Pole? At the North Pole, regardless of which direction you face, you will always be facing south.
    Must I explain everything? You are welcome. :)

  2. Photo taken right after they beheaded Santa Claus?

  3. Yes! Exactly. Santa's headless body is in the back of that Toyota pick-up truck. ISIS plans to replace the 'real' Santa with a fake Santa who is actually a secret Muslim (like Obama).

    OK perhaps not.

    Let's try this: they are actually IN MECCA. No matter which direction they face, they are technically facing Mecca. Problem solved! What do you think?

    In all seriousness, nice article. I admire your work and your tenacity. Keep chipping away at the 9/11 myth and other idiotic stories from the US ministry of propaganda. I'd like my country back - some day.

  4. The new headless ISIS Santa will come down the chimney to chop off children's heads at night and take them back to the North Pole in his "slay." Forget Christmas this year - Israel and the DoD are taking your money so they can bomb Santa's workshop and protect you from the big headless fat guy in black.

    1. This is truly terrifying.

      Can I expect in the coming days to see a 'Fox News Alert' regarding the headless ISIS Santa threat?

  5. They chose the mega fall equinox to start the war in Syria aka WWlll China docked a destroyer today in the port at the straits of Hormuz. Satanic sacrifice, may they all be destroyed themselves.