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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Tom Mysiewicz was run out of journalism by the same folks who witch-hunted me out of the academy. Robbed of his livelihood by the Zionist mafia, Tom had to resort to making a living collecting mushrooms. But at least he can still tell the truth. As far back as 2003 Tom was warning that the Iraq war was part of a Zionist plan to smash Iraq into pieces. My interview with Tom Mysiewicz will be broadcast Monday on Truth Jihad Radio.


By Tom Mysiewicz

“The events that are taking place in Iraq are an illustration of a complete failure of the venture started by the US and the UK that allowed it to spiral out of control completely” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently told journalists.

Mr. Lavrov, I’m sure, knows better and is merely speaking for the press regarding the stated goals of the Iraq war. For the Anglo-Americans and their Israeli cohorts knew full well even before the 2003 invasion what they were doing and what the outcome would be.

Full article: http://truthjihad.com/news/?p=1020


  1. From: Jewish Defense League
    Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 5:10 AM
    To: mysiewicz@gmail.com ; TGMY7@HOTMAIL.COM
    Subject: Greetings from JDL

    Mr Mysiewicz

    In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates. Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by hate-filled antisemites like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice.

    You clearly enjoy indulging your pathological hatred of Jews on those 'hate' sites that you frequent, but there are three things that you should remember: The code that we live by is 'never again'; our loathing of those who incite hatred against Jews is stronger than their hatred of us; we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us.

    Jewish Defense League

    1. Well, good to hear form you so digest this: if the JEW fits, wear it. This is not 1950, after that terrible holohoax, it is 2014, and WE HAVE INTERNET, INFORMATION IS KNOWLEDGE; KNOWLEDGE IS TRUTH; TRUTH WILL SET US FREE, and WE know who is behind what goes on...and it if aint JEW, then who is it.

  2. ISIL = "psycho killer Muslims."
    JDL to ISIL: "What are we, chopped liver?"
    The JDL is to Jews what ISIL is to Muslims. These groups are working overtime to make their religion look really, REALLY bad.