Truthers win Super Bowl 43-8!

I'm happy to report that my Super Bowl predictions turned out to be correct. 

No, I didn't predict the Seattle Seahawks' victory. But I did correctly prognosticate that there would be no big false flag event at this year's Super Bowl. You can see that prediction in this week's Dynamic Duo Weekly News broadcast.

Two weeks before the game, I also predicted that it might be "a 9/11 truth Super Bowl." This one came true in spades, as 9/11 truth supporter Pete Carroll's Seahawks upset the favored Denver Broncos in one of the most definitive Super Bowl blow-outs of all time...and then, during the MVP interview, a 9/11 truth-seeker commandeered the microphone!

Check out my new article:

9/11 truth coach wins Super Bowl

Also check out my new Press TV "The Debate"with Zionist Obama shill Lawrence Korb: 

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