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Sunday, August 25, 2013

All out for Washington, DC this September 11th!

Will you be there for "March on Washington 1.2" ?
Will you be there for “March on Washington 1.2″ ?
When the corporate media mounts a hysterical campaign against a planned march on Washington DC…you know you’d better be there.

And when the anti-March-on-Washington blitz is led by Fox News, World Net Daily, Breitbart, and the ADL…you can see exactly who is running scared.
The neocon nutjobs are frothing at the mouth about the Million American March Against Fear. Why? Because it promises to bring a broad coalition of Americans together to protest the post-9/11 politics of fear.

Full story: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/08/25/mamaf/

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  1. we also have a huge broad Egyptian coalition in the streets this Friday 30, possibly 10 if not more millions of Egyptian in the streets... against the israeli coup in Cairo

    and we have the g20 in russia, 911 muslim million march and yom kippour, we have serious intel Kevin a bout strikes lebanon types in egypt, jordan, and bibi will probably kill some americans soldiers to make sure pentagone shabbath goyim strike full scale in syria, time for bibi to annex syrian golan and south lebanon