Alex Jones is NOT a complete idiot, you idiots!

Piers Morgan may be terrified of Alex, but he can't ignore him
One thing I'll say about Alex Jones: He elicits strong feelings, one way or the other.

A lot of people really care about Alex. They want to talk about him. They want to argue about him.

Some want to insult him. Others rush to defend him. Still others have something more nuanced to say.

My article entitled "Is Alex Jones a complete idiot?" was actually pretty nuanced. Me, I like Alex. But I didn't like him pissing on Hugo Chavez's grave, so I went ahead and called him out on that...and on his habit of going easy on Zionism.

The response was overwhelming: Tens of thousands of reads. More comments than I could keep up with.

Obviously Alex is not a complete idiot. He's a genius, a political provocateur who has turned himself into a larger-than-life icon. A whole lot of people pay attention to him and care about him and want to read and argue about him. In some ways he's like Hugo Chavez - a populist giving the finger to the New World Order occupation of his country, stirring up millions of people, getting himself loved and hated but rarely ignored.

But that doesn't mean we can't call him out when he does something idiotic.

* * *

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