Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?

I'm in the Amsterdam airport with Merlin Miller, the man I voted for in the last presidential election, returning to the USA after two amazing weeks in Iran. During the Tehran-to-Amsterdam flight I watched Argo, the Zionist propaganda flick designed to remind Americans why Iran is supposed to be our enemy. The film depicts Iranians as angry, violent fanatics who hate Americans. The reality is precisely the opposite. Iranians are the most warm, hospitable, generous, kind, pro-American-people folks you'll ever have the good fortune to meet. This after the US government, led by the nose by Israel, has been murdering their young scientists, bombing their mosques, and trying to destroy their economy. Despite all the provocations, Iranians know that the real enemy is Zionism and its New World Order - not the American people. I wonder when Americans will figure that out...and what will happen when they do.

I'll be discussing this when my radio show resumes next Friday. Meanwhile, here are the two articles I managed to post while in Iran...

Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?  


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Iran drops bomb on Hollywood

Iran says: “Burn, Hollywood, burn!”

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