Lyin’ for Zion: Pro-Israel media incites genocide

British pro-Israel extremist Charlie Wolf thinks it’s “anti-Semitic” to ask any questions about 9/11.

Who’s afraid of the big bad Zionist, Charlie Wolf?
Not me.

I got into a little verbal tiff with Charlie on yesterday’s Press TV interview – watch the fireworks here.

I’m a fair-minded, polite person. So normally I let people have their say, as my radio show fans know. But if the person I’m talking to is being a real asshole – like Sean Hannity, Juan Cole,  or Charlie Wolf – I’ll occasionally throw the rules out the window and fight no-holds-barred.
Even though Charlie started the rudeness, I was afraid Press TV might punish me with a six-week suspension, or a ten thousand dollar fine, for interrupting Charlie, telling him to shut up, and accusing him of mendacity and incitement to genocide. But it turns out that in television debating, as in televised sports, brawls are good for ratings. Or as the Irish proverb puts it: If you want a crowd, start a fight.

So Press TV is called me back for another go at Charlie today. It should be showing up there soon.

Meanwhile, here is yesterday’s show, which is rapidly going viral.

Watch video: ‘Zionist-owned media distort Gaza war truth, encouraging genocide’

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