Greetings from Ground Zero!

September 11, 2012
Last night's Ground Zero 9/11 symposium here in New York City was the most purely enjoyable 9/11 conference I've ever experienced - mainly because I didn't have to give a talk! (As psychologist Robert Griffin said, most people fear public speaking more than death.) The poor schmucks forced to take the podium, including Robert himself, held up their end brilliantly. I'll be writing it up for Veterans Today a.s.a.p. - click here to find my VT stuff.

The evening's climax - the brand-new film Top Priority: The Terror Within - was nothing short of amazing. Homeland Security whistleblower Julia Davis was subjected to just about every form of harassment short of crucifixion, while actress Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack seem to have been murdered...and for what? Because Davis blew the whistle on an influx of patsies being set up to take the blame for the next 9/11? That's certainly how it appears...we'll be hearing more about this amazing case, immortalized by a first-rate film, on Wednesday, September 19th when I bring on Julia Davis, her husband BJ Davis, and filmmaker Asif Akbar for a two hour special on Truth Jihad Radio. (Asif Akbar is also directing an upcoming 9/11 truth Hollywood feature film featuring Ed Asner and other big names...tune on on Wed. the 19th to find out more!)

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Kourosh Ziabari just interviewed me for FarsNews (published in four languages):

Kevin Barrett: NAM Summit Proves Shift of Global Power In Favor of Iran 

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And I just tested the limits of free speech (a personal project of mine since I was witch-hunted out of the University of Wisconsin) by calling for the spilling of "National Security Secrets" and promising to publish them:

from  Age of internet exposes US-Israeli plots and crimes published by Press TV:

(The rogue regime posing as the "US government") no longer has any legitimacy. It was complicit in the murder of almost 3,000 Americans on September 11th, 2001. It has waged two criminal wars of aggression, and abolished the Bill of Rights - the heart of the US Constitution. It is no longer a government, it is a criminal syndicate. And 99% of its “secrets” are classified to deceive the American people, not foreign enemies.
Under the circumstances, every American, and every citizen of planet earth, needs to publicize every US government secret they can get their hands on - especially those that would reveal the Zionist global crime syndicate's control of compromised US leaders like Richard Clarke. Anyone who has access to these US government secrets, and who is not making every possible effort to expose them, is supporting the criminal 9/11-complicit regime and thereby committing a crime against humanity. By ripping up the veil of secrecy, and exposing these secrets, we can effect a nonviolent revolution - a revolution aimed at re-establishing transparent, Constitutional governance in the USA.

If you have any state secrets that deserve to be revealed, send them to me, Dr. Kevin Barrett, kbarrett(at)merr(dot)com, and I promise to do my best to publish them - even if I am threatened with life in prison, death, or worse. I urge all of my readers to make the same pledge on their own websites, blogs and social media pages.

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