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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hannity and me: A case of neuro-linguistic programming?

Tom Valentine thinks this video should go viral, and asks whether I am holding it back. The answer is no, I'm not holding anything back!

I like this video, but I think it exaggerates the efficacy of Hannity's attempt to neuro-linguistically program the audience. The important segment of the audience - people who watched this interview without strong preconceptions - probably thought Hannity was coming on too strong, and enjoyed my talking back to him. The local polls, at least, suggested that the Fox-led witch-hunt against me didn't really succeed in swaying public opinion.


  1. 64 % agree that Kevin shouldn't be fired... that's what needs to be emphasized... the analysis of the video and the movements and body language of Haninsanity betray his real hidden intentions...

  2. How cute that the narrator of the video is "Jonathan/ Adampants".

    There is a reason so many of us call Fox news "Faux News". This video is a good example of why that is. WInk!

  3. downright impoliteness

  4. Ken D. Webber has left a new comment on your post "Hannity and me: A case of neuro-linguistic program...":

    I'm wondering... where in the poll is the response "Kevin is 100% about 9/11 being an inside job and Hannity should be fired for not supporting the facts and the truth."

    Part of the way truthers get slammed is in the way the questions and debate are framed.

  5. Channel3000 (the local CBS affiliate) and the Capital Times both offered me fair-to-favorable coverage. There are key people at both places smart enough to doubt the official version of 9/11 - though not courageous enough to really rock the boat. So they framed their questions in a way that understated support for 9/11 truth, but accurately reflected support for academic freedom and free speech.

  6. I agree that this video should go viral. Excellent analysis brilliantly done. Both interviewers would seem to be neurotic psychopaths.

  7. The world and this country are in a world of hurts. Too bad a pile of assholes have ruined it ,BWP

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