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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pushing the Anthrax Envelope: Barry Kissin responds to NY Times admission that CIA-military "may have" made Ameri-thrax

The US government officially admits that the 9/11-follow-up anthrax mailings were a false-flag attack, originating from the US military-intelligence community, designed to demonize Muslims.

How long before they admit that 9/11, the other phase of the same event, was equally false-flag?

Barry Kissin, expert on the anthrax aspect of the 9/11-anthrax event, will be my guest on Truth Jihad Radio next Monday, October 17th, along with former BBC lead Mideast correspondent Alan Hart.

Barry writes:

A very real breakthrough occurred Monday on the front page of the NY Times. See

The comment on this article I posted at nytimes.com was as follows:

Bingo! "If Dr. Ivins did not make the powder, one conceivable source might be classified government research on anthrax, carried out for years by the military and the Central Intelligence Agency."

This theme is developed further in the paper by the three scientists that is the focus of this article: "[T]he most likely sites of production of the letter anthrax are laboratories that work with dry spores:  Battelle, Dugway, and DRES.  Battelle, for example, is well-known for its aerosol study capabilities ... There is no evidence that relevant samples were ever collected at Dugway, Battelle or other potentially suspect sites."

The cover-up of military-industrial-intelligence involvement is not only the work of the Bush Administration. The national security complex now dictates to the Obama administration. Witness that on March 15, 2011, the Obama administration announced it would oppose any reopening of Amerithrax because a reopening would "unfairly cast doubt on [the FBI's] conclusions"!

For an outline of the contours of the cover-up, see memo at


  1. did you see the yom kippour sefardim mexican israeli-clinton-bush syndicate trying to kill the saudi puppet and blaming iran... they are really in panic mode... they can't do a new 911 as they were burnt if we saw what happened in the un and then in grmany with the pope, they re-enact the old song civil war or war between sunnis and shias pathetic netanyahu

  2. The silicon-tin content in the attack anthrax exposed in Monday's "Scientists’ Analysis Disputes F.B.I. Closing of Anthrax Case" will establish that the source of the anthrax letters was, as referred to in the article, "classified government research on anthrax, carried out for years by the military and the Central Intelligence Agency." See the best-selling book Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War by William Broad, et. al., for a detailed description of that research as of the time of the anthrax attacks. My hope is that this window on the terrible workings of our military-industrial-intelligence complex will contribute toward achieving the desperately needed systemic change now being demanded in occupations and protests across the country.
    -Barry Kissin

  3. Barry Kissin is a great TJR guest: passionate, precise, informative, articulate; a dynamic speaker.

    come back soon, ya hear?