Radio station WTLC: I'm the #3 9/11 truther (after Alex Jones and David Ray Griffin)

WTLC-FM: The Top 5 9/11 Truthers

My father, the late Peter J. Barrett, didn't like coming in third. Even placing second and winning a silver medal in the 1964 Olympics could not satisfy him. So he went back and won a gold medal in 1968.

Me, I'd be more than happy to take third place in the most important race of the 21st century: That grueling ten-year-long-and-still-going-strong marathon, the race for 9/11 truth.

Actually I don't care where I place. I just want to reach the finish line.

WTLC radio is too generous in rating me as #3 of The Top Five 9/11 Truthers behind only Alex Jones and David Ray Griffin. One of the great things about 9/11 truth is that there are so many talented people putting in so much effort and energy, that it would be very hard to limit it to a top five or ten or fifty or two hundred or two hundred thousand for that matter. Who knows which hardworking street activist will awaken the hundredth monkey, or should I say the hundredth sheeple, and trigger the coming paradigm shift?

And let's face it, I'm not even close to being the most eminent or qualified individual to speak out for 9/11 truth. To meet those folks, look at some of the people who signed the Open Letter to the University of Wisconsin, or go to or

But I do sort of enjoy that #3 spot. Besides feeling insanely flattered, it gives me the Avis vs. Hertz, "we try harder" edge.

David Ray Griffin is clearly the #1 scholar-spokesman for 9/11 truth, and Alex Jones is clearly the biggest, loudest and (I hate to admit) most talented radio voice. Since these guys do what they do so perfectly, I have to "try harder" to do something else -  namely work on new communications strategies, such as:

*Breaking into big media: getting David Ray Griffin on C-Span, baiting politicians, Fox News hosts and talk radio windbags, getting 9/11 truth op-eds published in mainstream papers, running for Congress to draw media attention to 9/11, and so on.

* Employing humor and satire to make the topic less deadly, as I did in my book Truth Jihad.

 * Reaching out to the billion Muslims who know it was an inside job, and providing a forum for interfaith dialogue, through Muslims for 9/11 Truth and the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.

* Bringing the pro-Palestine and 9/11 truth movements together.

* Using my own academic background - in Folklore and Islamic Studies - to help elucidate 9/11.

 *Bringing scholars and other experts on the radio to communicate with the general public, and letting them talk as much as they need to to get their full message out (which Alex doesn't always do).

* Breaking big news stories through folks like Alan Hart, Alan Sabrosky, and Susan Lindauer - often people whose message doesn't quite fit Alex's worldview/agenda.

* Writing a book specifically aimed at the most promising demographic group - people who voted for Obama - and focus-group testing it, rewriting it, and focus-group-testing it again until it could convince most Obama voters who read it that the "war on terror" is an Orwellian farce and 9/11 deserves a second look.

As we enter the second decade of Philip Zelikow's carefully pre-designed post-9/11 "whole new world," I intend to keep right on "trying harder" - not in any hopeless attempt to build a bigger radio show than Alex Jones, or write more or better books than David Ray Griffin, but just to accomplish the things that God has given me the ability and the predisposition to do.

I invite you to do the same.

See you at the finish line!

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