Elias Davidsson debates Joshua Blakeney: Is Veterans Today wrong about Zionism-9/11 connection?

Elias Davidsson and Joshua Blakeney  are two of my favorite 9/11 researcher-activists. They recently copied me on this email exchange, which seems timely, since I just joined the staff at Veterans Today.

Joshua and other Veterans Today writers will join me this week on Truth Jihad Radio; I have invited Elias as well, and hope to have him as a guest next week.

Dear Josh,

Is it true that you cooperate with Veterans Today?  If so, I wish to warn you that Veterans Today are most probably a covert operation aimed at destroying the 9/11 movement by peddling the "Israel did it" idea.   If I were among the real masterminds of 9/11 within the US, I would act like the German elite acted in 1933: It delegated to the Nazis the task to deceive the German working class, who was supporting a socialist revolution, and deflect its opposition against Jews.  It succeeded by this sleight-of-hand to eliminate the "socialist threat".  Today, the US elite - trying to saving its skin as the 9/11 truth movement is mounting - is preparing a similar trick: Blaming Israel, or the Jews, to have masterminded 9/11 or bamboozled Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld into ordering the crime.  The idea is as absurd as it is unproven.  But it can be promoted with lots of money, lots and lots of money. Don't lend your voice to such deception.

Israel, like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, may have been co-opted by the US to help execute 9/11.   No Israel, even the most rabid Zionist, would endanger the existence of the Jewish state by masterminding a surprise attack on the US.  It would be the most mad action any good Zionist would do. And believe me, I am as anti-Zionist as they go and know that the Zionists are capable of great crimes.  But, again, their crimes are rational.

If you, however, insist of cooperating with Veterans Today or espouse the above ideas, I will have to consider you as someone dedicated to destroy our movement and to serve US imperialism.

With hope,


Dear Elias,

Thank you for your email. You constantly refer to something called "the US" which you distinguish from Israel and/or Zionists. I prefer to recognize that within the US-based ruling class there are different factions. What Professor James Petras (also a Marxist) calls the Zionist Power Configuration represents one faction whose Middle East policies often conflict with those of the traditional US imperialist faction which serves primarily Big Oil. The US empire-building faction of the ruling class traditionally pursued a policy of co-opting Arab strongmen in the Middle East such as Israel's number one foe Saddam Hussein (who then fired scud missiles at Israel in 1991 and who supported the Palestinians). US empire builders likes Brzezinski have denounced the Zionist faction of the bourgeoisie which has promoted destabilization of the Middle East and the carving up of the Middle East into small ethno-religious statelets (the "Lebanonisation" of the Middle East) so Israel can retain regional hegemony. Brzezinski-types want to build alliances with Iran and continue empowering Saudi Arabia (ever wonder why 9/11 was blamed on Saudis which would have been irrational if 9/11 was done by those representing Big Oil?).

Destabilizing the Middle East post-9/11 has been bad for oil markets. In short, Big Oil needs stability and Israel needs instability and civil war in the Middle East (so the Arabs are fighting Arabs). Whereas in WWII the traditional Anglo-American-German (WASP) faction of the ruling class trumped the nascent Zionist faction of the bourgeoisie destroying Jewish elites and assimilationist Communist Jews alike, 9/11 ushered in the period Petras calls "the globalization of Zionist power." The global American Empire has lost control of the Middle East to local elites in Israel, and their supporters in the US elite, just as the global British Empire lost the Thirteen Colonies or South Africa to local "God's chosen people" elites who didn't like taking orders from London. Tel Aviv doesn't like taking orders from Washington and so has taken over US Middle East policy.

Cheney and Rumsfeld weren't "bamboozled". As redundant Cold Warriors they saw an opportunity to revive their careers and to make some money. The Zionists provided them with an opportunity they couldn't refuse. Cheney didn't represent Big Oil. Halliburton is not an oil company. It rebuilds oil infrastructure. The Zionists smashing up Iraq was good for Cheney and Halliburton who got contracts to rebuild its infrastructure.

I like your Marxist analysis but you're misdiagonosing the problem by blaming 9/11 and 9/11 wars on the wrong faction of the elite.

As for VT - read my columns. They are my opinions. I speak for myself. I am not responsible for what others write.

Best Wishes,


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