Top ten reasons the Mossad wants to kill David Letterman

Today on Truth Jihad Radio, national security insider Gordon Duff reveals Mossad death threats against David Letterman.

The million dollar question is: Why Letterman?

Here are the top ten reasons.

10) It's from staying up to watch Letterman that Americans are too tired to invade Iran.

9) Letterman's trademark sense of irony is the only thing standing between America and complete and utter domination by the likes of 100% irony-free people like Pam Geller and Rita Kaatz.

8) He's too wimpy to wade into the audience to beat up 9/11 truthers like Bill Maher does.

7) He's having a secret affair with Helen Thomas, and Netanyahu is jealous.

6) "David Letterman" is one of the disguises of a disgruntled intelligence agent named Gordon Duff.

5) "Gordon Duff" is one of the disguises of a disgruntled intelligence agent named David Letterman.

5) He once made fun of the holy War on Terror.

4) The Mossad has discovered that Letterman is Adam Gadhan's controller.

3) If they can convince Letterman's audience that 19 Arabs with box cutters crashed four hijacked jetliners into David Letterman's head, America will rise up in righteous anger to slay all the Philistines, and Zion will reign from the Nile to the Euphrates.

2) Letterman recklessly revealed that when Alan Dershowitz went to Israel's top plastic surgeon for a touch-up on his circumcision, the plastic surgeon told Dershowitz that "Conan O'Brien" is actually Barbara Olson with a new face and a sex change.

1) His top ten lists just aren't as funny as they used to be.

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