"Full Fathom Five Bin Laden Lies"

An open letter to Richard Perle, self-styled "Prince of Darkness"

Dear Mr. Perle,

I am writing to beg your forgiveness for the accompanying poem and photoshopped image blending your already hideous face with the photoshopped "dead Bin Laden" image recently exposed by the Guardian as a fraud. I suspect you will not like the caption, "That was Perle shot through both eyes" any better than the image -- which, I must admit, is not very flattering. So allow me to explain.

During the past few days, the American public has been coerced (by the Zionist-dominated media) into a frenzy of dark joy based on the bizarre and improbable story that an unarmed Osama Bin Laden was shot down in cold blood by US troops, then sacreligiously thrown into the ocean. What the Zionist media neglects to mention, of course, is the indisputable fact that Bin Laden is not even a suspect in the 9/11 attack: Osama is explicitly "not wanted" for 9/11, the FBI tells us, because there is "no hard evidence" linking him to that atrocity.

If it is okay and perfectly legal for people to wildly celebrate what they believe to be the actual death of an innocent man, I cannot see anything wrong with celebrating -- in the privacy of my own imagination, and those of my readers -- the imaginary deaths of those I imagine to be guilty of the worst crime in American history.

The poem below celebrates a purely imaginary insurrection culminating in the imaginary killing of some of those I, in my warped "conspiracy theorist's" imagination, imagine to be guilty of the crimes of 9/11. (Longer, imperfect list here.)  This poem is a work of the imagination, and any resemblance to any actual events involving actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

In reality, of course, I am not advocating the kind of action described in the poem. On the contrary, I am committed to the rule of law, which is why I think you should get a fair trial before you are shot by a firing squad.

Thank you for your indulgence; and by the way, if you ever happen to run into Bill Shakespeare, please pass him my much more profound apologies.

Kevin Barrett,
Self-styled Knight of Nur

"Full Fathom Five Bin Laden Lies"

"Full fathom five Bin Laden lies"
(According to our leaders' lies?)
They shot him - unarmed - in the head,
Hoping to silence what he'd said
So clearly: He deplored
The Zionist strikes on New York
And Washington. And so his dead
Body to the fishes fed,
Osama's spirit breathes, expands
And sparks jihad in every land
Still occupied by the kuffar -
Striking enemies near and far:
Bush is shot down, Cheney gutted
Silverstein with stab wounds bloodied,
Rockefellers drawn and quartered,
Rothschilds crushed by gold they hoarded,
Netanyahu's wicked head
Squashed flat beneath bulldozer treads
While Dov Zakheim is slowly flayed
Wolfowitz made to taste the blade
And Rumsfeld parses known unknowns
As bullets pulverize his bones,
Millions of angry mobs arise,
Chanting: Death to all who spread the lies:
That was Perle shot through both eyes.
And history suffers a sea-change
Into something rich & strange.

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