Scooping the Peacock

On Tuesday, April 5th I broke the story on my radio show (with a little help from Federal Judge John Walker, a cousin of former President George W. Bush, apparently sees no conflict of interest sitting in judgment on a case alleging that his cousin's administration orchestrated the 9/11 attacks!  The story - amazingly enough - was picked up by CNBC two days later.

April Gallop's attorney William Veale sounded stunned as he spoke to me shortly after leaving the courtroom on Tuesday: "You know, every day, life gets more interesting... They don't give you the names of the (three federal judges) who are going to be on the panel until five days before the actual argument. We learned last Thursday that one of the individuals who was going to be on the panel was a judge by the name of John M. Walker. That didn't mean anything to me at the time. And so I made some phone calls around. And I learned from two different independent sources that John Walker is a cousin of George W. I wrote a motion to disqualify Judge Walker, because I didn't think he had any business sitting in judgment on a case which is going to call his entire family's name into question, and his cousin's administration into question, by saying the most horrible things about them. So I didn't think this was something a family member should be called upon to do, and I didn't think it would be helpful to history to have this blemish, that this case was judged by a family I made the motion (to disqualify Judge Walker). And today, when the case was called, I was expecting them to rule on the motion. And they didn't say anything. They just started to hear the argument. And I said, wait a minute, there's a motion pending before the court. And they said 'That motion will be denied.'" Veale then requested a continuance to seek appellate review of the court's ruling, which was also denied.

Judge John Walker is apparently so far above the law that he can sit in judgment on a case alleging that his cousin's administration committed the worst crime in US history. I guess that's not surprising from a guy who can kill a cop and walk. (The officer's dying words were probably "so sorry I got in your way, Judge Walker sir! I hope this doesn't inconvenience you!")

The Bush family, of course, is notorious for its above-the-law shenanigans. From George H.W. Bush's apparent participation in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, to his orchestration of the Watergate coup d'etat (both discussed in Russ Baker's impecable, thoroughly documented Family of Secrets), to the Bush Family Business of CIA drug smuggling, to Marvin Bush's apparent murder of his housekeeper (to shut her up about 9/11?),  to H.W.'s treasonous "October Surprise" coup d'etat against President Carter, to W's habit of bringing boy prostitutes into the White House to spend the night with him (a propensity he apparently shares with his father), to his watching the first plane hit on 9/11 on an NSA close-circuit channel, and later wiring the White House with another closed-circuit channel on which he could watch Guantanamo-style sex torture sessions live for his (and Jeff Gannon's?) entertainment (both stories broken by Wayne Madsen)....I guess nothing the Bush/Walker family does should surprise us.

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