Jerry Mazza: "Invisible"

A new poem by Jerry Mazza.  For background on Fukushima, check out Anthony Hall's article and interview.  -KB

How the world is enveloped
in an invisible mist of
radiation, blown in
winds around the planet,
glowing veil of death
whose very thought is painful,
shuts my eyes in thinking
of the lives soon lost.
What have the brilliant adults
done to all the children
in the womb or genes,
these here or still to come?
What have these men of wisdom
done in science’s name?
From whom shall love be given
again without this curse?
What is the cleansing agent
of the unseen filth?
Who plants the rose again
without a thorn that kills?
Whose petals are scattered without
stains that sear the flesh
and boil the bones in the blood?
But let me write a song,
an antidote to fill
the memory with beauty,
still transcendent, hovering
like a band of angels
over the world’s bowed heads.
Have faith, they sing, have faith.
This day is Easter’s egg
planted in every heart,
painted on every shell
to nourish eternal hope.
Whose children are the birds
that break the silence singing,
hanging like a million
buds in the invisible?

-Jerry Mazza

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