"The post-9/11 (academic) community is characterized by two things: everyone is scared, and everyone is lying."

Dr. Howard Ross, former College of Letters and Sciences Dean at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, will join me on Truth Jihad Radio this coming Monday, March 7th. Dr. Ross has already testified that he was part of the hiring process for a tenure-track Arabic-Humanities job in spring 2006 at the University. He has explained that I was clearly the best candidate for the job, and that I became the only eligible candidate when the other two finalists accepted positions elsewhere; yet I was turned down, the Arabic program was shut down, and federal money for the tenure-track position was returned, for only one reason: Some of the people on the hiring committee were uncomfortable with my views on 9/11 and the so-called war on terror. As Dr. Ross emailed me at the time: "YOU WERE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST." (Note: This happened in spring 2006, before I became a public figure.)

In his previous appearances on my radio show, Dr. Ross had to speak carefully due to his own legal issues with the University. Now that those issues have been resolved, expect him to boldly tell it like it is!

This show launches my spring 2011 academic freedom campaign at the University of Wisconsin. I will be challenging the University to either (A) find at least one qualified scholar to defend the 9/11 Commission and NIST reports in a public debate, or (B) apologize and remove me from their blacklist. I will also be challenging Republican State Rep. Steve Nass, the man responsible for my loss of livelihood, to either defend the 9/11 Commission and NIST reports in a public debate, or to publicly apologize and personally compensate me for the loss of income I have suffered due to his McCarthyist terror campaign against the University.

And speaking of 9/11 and academic freedom, check out this conversation between two highly-accomplished scholars - Chemistry Professor Niels Harrit (University of Copenhagen) and Globalization Studies Professor Anthony Hall (University of Lethbridge). Both have authored peer-reviewed publications, brought out by mainstream scholarly publishing houses, citing strong evidence that 9/11 was a false-flag operation.

"The post-9/11 (academic) community is characterized by two things: everyone is scared, and everyone is lying."

Niels Harrit: "Putting it in a single sentence, you should notice that there were two airliners but there were three skyscrapers. Very few people are at all aware that there was a third skyscraper collapsing later in the afternoon on September 11th...if you can count to three, you should know that there is something fishy going on here."

Anthony Hall: "Two planes going into two buildings making three buildings come down...one plus one does not equal three."

Niels Harrit: "It has become a very bad career move to deal with these matters at all. And this is not (just) specifically for academia. But many things have changed within academia during the past ten years. The post-9/11 community is characterized by two things: everyone is scared, and everyone is lying...even to yourself."

Anthony Hall: "Lying to yourself..."

Niels Harrit: "The famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell said, 'Never lie to yourself.' But of course you can survive on your knees..."

Anthony Hall: "When you look at the implications of the way a certain interpretation of 9/11 has been used to justify the Patriot Act, the attack on civil liberties domestically within many countries, the invasions, the illegal occupations, whether we're talking about Afghanistan, Iraq, and increasingly Pakistan, Yemen...who knows how this current 'Arab uprising' is going to be exploited for other kinds of intervention. When you see the enormous geopolitical transformations of global history all based on this interpretation of 9/11, which was given to us the same day, a fully-developed interpretation that continues today, ten years later - this same spurious, specious, fraudulent interpretation, to those of us who take time to look at the evidence - doesn't it seem onerous, that the universities have failed in a huge and dramatic way, when our mission is to identify (and separate) truth from fiction, truth from lies? And when lies are given such tremendous currency, and treated as the basis for foreign policy, for domestic policy, what do we do in the academy to address our failure - our failure within the professorial community?"

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