Everything You Know Is Wrong: Top Ten 9/11 Truth Re-Thinks

Some people say "9/11 truth ends war." Others, the impolite ones, say "9/11 truth ends Israel." But what 9/11 truth really ends - and what really needs to be put out of its misery - is stale, conventional thinking.

War, as Gwynn Dyer put it, is just a "lethal custom." We do it because it's customary, not because it is a particularly good idea to train young men to be mass murderers, dress them up in uniforms and turn them loose to use ever-more-lethal weapons on their fellow human beings and our shared environment. To end war, we need to get our thinking out of its customary rut and see war for what it is, stripped of its mythological adornments. Once we do that, we may discover that what the big liars call "terrorism" - ordinary people defending themselves from extreme injustice - is the only justifiable form of warfare.

America's continued propping up of Israel is another example of muddled conventional thinking. Every excuse offered for the creation and maintenance of a Jewish state in Palestine is fallacious. The Jews are threatened by anti-Semitism so they need a state for protection? Even if all of the bad blood between Jews and goys throughout history were the fault of the goys - a likely story! - rounding up most of the world's Jews and putting them on a small patch of brutally-ethnic-cleansed land where a couple of nukes could wipe them all out isn't exactly a smart way to prevent another Holocaust. Israel is a beacon of democracy in the Middle East? Hardly - a state that has ethnic-cleansed most of its voters is hardly democratic; and the region itself is undemocratic precisely because the people of the region justifiably loathe Israel, yet their leaders are forced by the realities of brute power to cozy up to Israel and repress their people. The Jews deserve a state like everybody else? What everybody else?! There are thousands of ethnic groups on earth, fewer than two hundred states, and essentially NO ethnic states--so why should Jews get special privileges? When Helen Thomas said that immigrant Jews in Israel should go home to America and Europe (or else apply to the Palestinians for legal immigrant status) she was absolutely correct; there is no reasonable counter-argument.

My claims--that war is insane, and the existence of Israel is insane--will, as John Lennon put it, probably get me labeled as insane...at least by those locked in the prison-house of ossified language and conventional thinking. But more and more people are escaping from that prison house, thanks to the botched false-flag op of 9/11/01. Those of us who have sorted out most of the truth from the lies of 9/11 inevitably ask ourselves: What else could they be lying about? How many other pillars of our conventional view of reality could turn out to be wrong?

The facts of 9/11 force us to re-think 9/11. And re-thinking 9/11 forces us to re-think everything.

Here is a list of my top ten candidates for issues that beg for re-thinking in light of the falsity of the media and government's version of 9/11--which should make us re-think everything we thought we knew.

10) Circumcision. Most U.S. Americans think it's not a bad idea idea--even one endorsed by religious tradition and/or medical hygiene--to cut off the most sensitive part of a baby boy's genitals shortly after birth. In light of what we now know about how ultra-sensitive infants are, and how traumatic events in infancy negatively impact that person's whole life, is the genital mutilation of male babies really okay? Could the widespread practice of torturing and mutilating male babies in infancy partly account for the obscenely self-righteous destructiveness of the American and Israeli personalities? Are we in denial about this, as so many of us were about 9/11?

9) Urinating and defecating in drinking water. Humans are the only species dumb enough to poop and pee into their drinking water. As an era of water shortages looms, and the skyrocketing costs of excreting into purified water, then attempting to re-purify the water, becomes more evident, might we find that human excrement is a valuable resource that only becomes toxic waste when we mix it with water? Is it time to flush the flush toilet down the porcelain bowl of history, and start composting humanure instead? For details, read Joe Jenkins' Humanure Handbook.

8) Drug policy. This is almost too obvious to make the list. Why does the West criminalize marijuana--a relatively innocuous herb with proven medical benefits--while advertising and encouraging the use of alcohol and tobacco, which together kill nearly three-quarters of a million people every year in the US alone? Why does the West try to force its own insane drug preferences on the rest of the world--by labeling as "fanatical fundamentalists" any Muslims sensible enough to try to eliminate alcohol from their societies, while at the same time forcing puppet Muslim regimes to crack down on marijuana? And why should we let the CIA continue to be the world's biggest drug dealer?

7) Media. Obviously the entire mainstream media, and most of the foundation-funded pseudo-alternative media, is a toxic cesspool of lies. Should we jail the worst offenders? Bust up the big media conglomerates by rigorously enforcing anti-trust laws? Or simply try to ignore and/or ridicule today's professional media out of existence, while establishing honest media via the internet? Since Bush repeatedly bombed and strafed al-Jazeera for reporting the truth, might we be justified in launching military attacks on big media war criminals to punish and dissuade their genocidal big lies? Would that be "terrorism" (as they would say) - or justifiable counter-terrorism? Or would this form of war be as idiotic as other forms (see #1)?

6) ETs and psi These related topics are repressed from mainstream thought in the same way 9/11 truth is repressed: By ridicule and refusal to engage with the evidence. Why? Like 9/11, they threaten to launch Copernican revolutions. 9/11 truth forces Americans and Zionists to face the fact that it is us, not them, that is the bad guy; the ET issue suggests that humans may be simply one sentient species among many, and not a very advanced one; and psi threatens to flesh out quantum physics' claim that the physical reality we experience is actually dream-stuff that is in part the creation of our own minds.

Recently, statistical meta-analysis has apparently confirmed what the rigorously empiricist Encyclopedia of Philosophy reported almost half a century ago: the scientific evidence for telepathy/clairvoyance, and to a lesser extent precognition and psychokinesis, is very strong. Likewise, strong evidence suggests that something very odd, involving technologies far in advance of anything in the public domain, is going on in the case of at least some alleged ET events; and that Congress ought to hold hearings and allow the military officials who appear in Disclosure Project to get their wish and testify under oath about the extraordinary things they claim to have witnessed. To a person not yet deprogrammed by 9/11 truth, these claims may seem insane; while to a genuinely free mind familiar with these controversies, they are simple common sense.

5) Religion vs. atheism. Is it really the religious fanatics who are the bad guys? 9/11 set the stage for a trendy wave of vapid anti-religiosity, expressed in books by Hitchens, Dawkins, Sam Harris, etc. Yet if it was cold, calculating neocon atheists who were evil enough to pull off 9/11 as a false-flag attack - while Muslims, especially extremely religious ones, are even more opposed to attacks on civilians than are average Americans - could it be that religion implies morality, and atheism immorality/amorality, as virtually all serious thinkers of all times and traditions (until very recently) have always insisted? Could it be that the carnage of the past two centuries, by far the bloodiest in human history, stems from the loss of religion as a guiding principle of civilization?

4) Islam vs. the West. Is Islam really a dangerous enemy, as the 9/11 big liars claim? Or could Islam actually be the friend of humanity in general and the West in particular? Could Islam help end the usury-driven global power system of the international bankers who staged 9/11? Could it help Western culture become saner and better balanced in such areas as work-leisure, work-family, sexuality-family, material-spiritual, human-nature, male-female, rich-poor, and so on? Could it help remedy some of the defects of Christian-style monotheism? Could Muslims, who sit on 80% of the world's easily-recoverable energy, become the allies of the West in its great-power relations with such potential rivals as Russia, India, and especially China? Could shallow, selfish, narcissistic, materialistic, atheistic Europe be saved by mass conversions to Islam? Might the West (excepting its last settler-colonial outpost in Occupied Palestine) actually be better off if al-Qaeda's goals (which are supported by the vast majority of Muslims) were achieved and the Islamic world re-united and re-empowered?

3) Industrial civilization and technopoly. Is it doomed, as Mike Ruppert's Collapse and James Kunstler's The Long Emergency suggest? Was it a bad idea in the first place, as argued (in very different ways) in Mumford's Machine trilogy and the Unabomber manifesto? Is there something about Western culture that encouraged the emergence of a destructive and unsustainable material civilization, as argued in Koyanisquatsi and S.H. Nasr's Man and Nature? Should we radically change our way of life before it kills us? Should we consider making war on industrial-technological civilization, as argued by Derrick Jensen? Or would that kind of war be as bad an idea as most other kinds (see #1)?

2) Israel. (Return to the beginning of this essay.)

1) War. (Return to the beginning of this essay.)

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