Pearl Harbor Treason? Special Two-Hour Debate on the KB Show!


Special Two-Hour Episode of the Kevin Barrett Show: A Debate on Pearl Harbor featuring Thomas Kimmel and Webster Tarpley
Did President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lt. Commander Arthur McCollum, and other U.S. actors commit de facto high treason by implementing an eight-point plan to provoke a Japanese attack on the US, then hiding intelligence on the approaching Japanese fleet from Gen. Short and Admiral Kimmel?  Did they welcome the slaughter of 2,403 Americans as "a pretty cheap price to pay for the unification of the country" as explained by Lt. Commander J.J. Rochefort, commander of Naval Intelligence Station HYPO, Pearl Harbor? And did the treasonous slaughter of Americans in an orchestrated war-trigger incident at Pearl Harbor set the stage for the even more treasonous 9/11 "new Pearl Harbor"?

Arguing in defense of Admiral Kimmel and the foreknowledge thesis (first hour): Thomas Kimmel, grandson of the Admiral, backed up by yours truly.  Defending FDR (second hour): historian Webster Tarpley, author of three crucial books on Obama as well as the seminal 9/11 truth book 9/11: Synthetic Terror.

Read more about the show here.  Listen to the archive here.

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