What You Can't Say on Geraldo

Geraldo: Has he rescinded the digitis impudicus he once flashed at the "nutjobs" who support 9/11 truth?

At first glance, Geraldo's 9/11 show with Bob McIlvaine and Tony Szamboti was mind-boggling. Never before has mainstream network TV put such a favorable spin on 9/11 truth.

Even at second glance it's still pretty mind-boggling. Congratulations to everyone involved - Bob and Tony (who performed brilliantly), the NYCcan and BuildingWhat folks, and behind them the whole truth movement. (I will be welcoming Tony Szamboti to Truth Jihad Radio next Saturday, Nov. 20th, 5 to 7 pm Central, live on AmericanFreedomRadio.com.)

After the celebrations and congratulations are over, it's time to ask: Why are Geraldo and Fox doing this now? After all, the destruction of WTC-7 was an obvious controlled demolition from day one. Now, almost ten years later, Geraldo finally gets it. What's up with that?

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today - who will join me on the radio next Tuesday, November 23rd - writes:

"This week,  Geraldo Rivera was foiled in his attempt to “contain” the 9/11 movement,  something exploding around the world...Rivera tried,  during the show,  to “sucker” the parent of a Building 7 murder victim into a 2 minute discussion of 9/11 as an “inside job” knowing quite well he would be able to get a quick attack in.  Rivera was outwitted as the video shows,  cut off at the legs.  Why would Rivera do this?"

Duff thinks that Rivera, an Israeli citizen, and Fox, a de facto Israeli network, are "trying to 'spin' the story,  control it,  make murder a joke."

How could Rivera/Fox have been attempting to spin/control 9/11 truth? Duff speculates that Rivera is disguising the 9/11 false-flag mass murders - a crime whose perpetrators and main motive are fairly well-known - as a "mystery."

Following Duff, I think Rivera/Fox is trying to impose certain limits of permissible discourse on 9/11 activists: Ask questions, but don't make strong statements about who did it and why. Sign a petition if you're an engineer or an architect, otherwise keep your mouth shut because what do you know. Whatever you do, don't demonstrate noisily in the streets like those "nut jobs" in the clip he showed. Anybody who makes too much noise, or who takes too strong action, will be attacked as a "nut job" by Fox. But if you follow all of Fox's rules, you may get a few minutes of approval from Fox/Rivera! Then you can sit back and feel good about yourself being so calm and professional and responsible! What a wonderful feeling, after all these years of being attacked and vilified by Fox and the sheeple who watch it! It will feel so good that if any other 9/11 activists dare to make 9/11 truth look bad by being loud, rebellious, unruly, overly confident or assertive about who did it and why, or (G-d forbid) "anti-Semitic" (by bringing up the case against Israel and Zionists)...well, we'll just have to silence them and censor them and shout them down and ban them from websites and start flame wars and lynch mobs to keep them in line! (Now THAT is beneficial cognitive diversity.)

The polite approach to 9/11 truth has its place. But carried too far, it serves the interests of the perpetrators. The reason is that "9/11" is a meme, and the default status for that meme is "radical Arab Muslim attack on America."

The thing about memes is that the more you mention a given meme - even if you're questioning or opposing it - the more you unwittingly reinforce it. So every 9/11 activist who helps keep the 9/11 meme alive by talking and writing and posting and demonstrating about 9/11 may be (among other things) unwittingly helping reinforce the "Muslims did it" meme in service to the perpetrators. This is especially true when the emphasis is on victims and family members, first responders, and anything else that taps into the prefabricated patriotic myth constructed for the event ahead of time and wheeled out by the psy ops pros on the morning of the 11th. Note that the Let It Happen On Purpose (LIHOP) paradigm, which imagines top US officials looking the other way while evil Arab Muslim terrorists hijacked and crashed planes, tends to reinforce the "Muslims did it" meme far more than it undermines it.  Keeping all of this in mind, it is easy to see why certain people and/or anonymous cyber-entities at 911blogger have been suspected of "working for the other side."

So Rivero/Fox (and presumably the psy-ops pros behind them) don't really mind if we politely question 9/11, harp on its being a mystery, critique the official reports, invoke family members and first responders, and so on. What they don't want us to do is assertively create and spread alternative memes that could crowd out the original "Arab-Muslim terrorist attack" meme from the public mind. Such memes include but are not limited to: False-flag attack, inside job, controlled demolition, Zionist operation, Mossad operation, remote-control planes, accused hijackers are innocent, war on Islam for Israel, Zionist coup d'etat, big lie, Reichstag fire, Zionist attack on America, trigger for criminal wars of aggression, and so on.

Okay, you say, we get your point about memes - but why all this harping on Israel and Zionists? 

First, because it's true. Nobody else had such an overwhelming, existential motive to pull off something as huge and as risky as 9/11. As Chomsky correctly said, the Bush Administration would have been crazy to do it. But the Israelis, who inhabit an illegitimate state doomed by history, had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The "who gains" question alone argues Israel did 9/11. And this interpretation is supported by extensive evidence - evidence that the overly-polite wing of the truth movement, the thought police who guard and monitor it, and the Israeli Fox hosts who encourage it, don't want us to talk about.

At the end of the day, the (true) "Zionists did it" meme can and will eventually crowd out the (false) "Muslims did it" meme. Simply asking questions and invoking mysteries won't.

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