New POWER OF TRUTH Radio Network picks up steam!

A brand-new network devoted to promoting the best of alternative radio is on the air! Check out Power of Truth Radio, where you can find my shows streaming twice a day, along with several other shows that together represent much of the best that alternative radio has to offer.

Curious about what the world's 1.5 billion Muslims really think - and why the mainstream media won't tell you? Power of Truth Radio  features the best in Muslim-hosted English language radio with Hesham Tillawi, Imam W.D. Mohammed, Syed Saboor, "Live from Gaza with Yusef al-Helan," "Understanding the Qur'an," and of course yours truly. But it isn't an all-Muslim network - it also features the Marxist truth radio pioneers Ralph Shoenman and Mya Shone, and Christian truth-teller Mark Glenn. (More high-quality shows coming soon!)

Power of Truth Radio will be working hard - with significant resources - to promote and expand the audience for this crucial segment of the alternative media. Please listen, donate, and spread the word!

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