False-Flag Film Alert: Mel Gibson's "Edge of Darkness"

Guest blog by Rolf Lindgren, 2008 Barrett for Congress campaign advisor. Note: I have been told by people who know Mel Gibson and his father Hunt Gibson that they are 9/11 truth supporters. This film shows it.  -KB

False Flag: Mel Gibson's Edge of Darkness

Move over V For Vendetta Fans, it's time for Mel Gibson's Edge of Darkness!

Ever wonder why the NWO hates Mel Gibson?  Well, watch his latest film that went the theaters in January and is now out on DVD!  The film was based on a 1985 BBC TV series.

Edge of Darkness

I am not going to spoil the plot, but instead get you a few teasers:

1) The film involves a corrupt big government/big corporation fascist partnership.  Nuclear weapons are being manufactured to foreign specifications, so that if the weapons are ever found or used they can be traced back to a false nation of origin.  This is a blatant false-flag element to the plot I've never seen before in a high budget Hollywood movie.

2) The use of "national security" and related terms in the film is either extremely funny or extremely accurate & disturbing, depending on your tastes.

3) Remember the Clinton body count or the JFK witnesses?  You'll think of them during this film.

Mel Gibson's latest film deserves more attention from 9/11 Truth Activists.  It would have done better in the theaters had it not been matched up against Avatar.  But it still reached an audience of several million, and that will expand with DVD sales.

I watched it, so should you.

yours in truth,