Kevins for 9/11 Truth?

All kinds of people are speaking out for 9/11 truth: Architects and Engineers, Scholars, more Scholars, and still more Scholars, Pilots, Scientists, U.S. Military Officers, Intelligence Officers, Senior Military-Intelligence-Law Enforcement Professionals, Firefighters, Veterans, Muslim Veterans, Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Religious Leaders, Actors and Artists, Journalists, 9/11 Survivors and Family Members, Political Leaders, Muslims, Christians, Muslims-Christians-Jews, Buddhists (here and here), and even Magicians.

During the 1970s explosion of identity-based magazines, the National Lampoon put out a parody called Fred Magazine: The Magazine for People Named Fred.

So maybe it's time for Kevins for 9/11 Truth.

The first Kevin to speak out and cause a scandal was Kevin Ryan. Then it was my turn. Now, Australian union leader Kevin Bracken is carrying on the noble Kevin tradition of telling the truth and refusing to back down under pressure.

I will be checking in with Kevin Bracken tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 23rd on Truth Jihad Radio.

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