Does Honey-Trap Smear Suggest WikiLeaks is for Real?

Is WikiLeaks for real? Gordon Duff says the real purpose of its Afghanistan leak was "to spread imaginary stories about Pakistan, the only nuclear power in the Middle East capable of standing up to Israel and the enemy of India." (WikiLeaks is Israel, Like We All Didn't Know.)

Then why is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange still being smeared by some intel agency with power in Sweden?

Recent Kevin Barrett Show guest Israel Shamir explains:

"In other words,  the farcical rape charges have once again been leveled against the Pentagon's Public Enemy Number One. Julian Assange now stands accused of: (1) not calling a young woman the day after he had enjoyed a night with her,  (2) asking her to pay for his bus ticket,  (3) having unsafe sex,  and (4) participating in two brief affairs in the course of one week. These four minor charges,  worthy of Leopold Bloom's mock trial in the Nightown chapter in Ulysses,  have been shaken and fermented until they were able to cook up a half-baked rape case!"

Shamir and co-author Paul Bennett paint the alleged "rape victims" as probable intelligence operatives in a honey-trap sting designed to smear Assange. An orchestrated chorus of voices from the left -- Assange's home turf -- follows up by yapping incoherently for his blood. Shamir again:

"For a smear that really sticks,  you need to get it from an ex-apostle. An accusation by a Caiaphas does not impress. If you are targeting a leftist,  hire leftists. For example,  Trotskyites were willing and useful tools against the Communists. Pseudo Anti-Zionists are currently being used to hamstring a genuine Pro-Palestinian movement."

And pseudo-truthers are being used to hamstring the genuine 9/11 truth movement. Voices of 9/11 truth who have charisma, speaking and/or writing talent, academic and/or authorial credentials, money, the courage to state the truth forcefully, the ability to command media attention (say, by running for public office) or any other asset that makes them dangerous often find themselves in the gunsights of the TrueFaction crew of pseudo-truthers.  Separately or together these folks have attacked Jimmy Walter (whose ability and willingness to spend millions made him the most dangerous truther ever); Webster Tarpley (a gifted, charismatic speaker, accomplished author and sophisticated political analyst); James Fetzer (a highly-accomplished scholar and author who is also a talented public speaker); Pilots for 9/11 Truth (the second-most-important professional association after Architects and Engineers); Citizen Investigation Team (the most accomplished investigators of the attack on the Pentagon); Sofia (maker of the most effective 9/11 truth film ever, 9/11 Mysteries); yours truly (Ph.D. Arabist, decent speaker and writer, organizer of David Ray Griffin's C-Span talk, link between the truth movement and pro-Palestinians including 1.5 billion Muslims); and generally anyone whose research demolishes the 19 hijackers myth, or implicates Israel/Zionism as the prime force behind 9/11.

Are the fake leftists and their dupes smearing Assange, just as the fake truthers and their dupes have smeared me and so many others?

Or is the "smearing" of Assange so obviously bogus that it may have been designed to backfire and bolster his credentials as a whistleblower? That's one double-cross too many for my mind to encompass. Guess I'll have to bring Gordon Duff back on my show and run it by him...

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