NYC Mosque Controversy "A Golden Opportunity" for 9/11 Truth!

This just in from my 2008 campaign adviser Rolf Lindgren:

Golden Opportunity!

Are you a Libertarian, a defender of Ron Paul or a 9/11 Truth activist?  Do you defend the US Constitution?  Are you pro-liberty?  Are you sick of the GOP establishment, RINOs, neocons, warmongers, and other NWO types trying to hijack the Tea Party movement?

Well, if you are, now you have a golden opportunity.  The mosque at ground zero flap is your chance to speak out!  Now is the time to join a tea party movement and post your favorite material & videos about 9/11 and/or WTC 7.  There are certainly going to be right wing nut-jobs who oppose the property rights of thsoe who want to build a mosque.

Here is a link to help get you started:

tea party yahoo groups