A generals' revolt against Zionist domination of US policy?

Is the top US brass getting tired of working for the IDF?

Tonight's radio guest*, Religious Studies professor Ira Chernus, just published an article entitled Blood or Treasure: Obama's Crucial Choice in the Middle East. The article begins: "Writing about U.S. Middle East policy used to be a boring job. You'd start out with 'The U.S. supports Israel's stand on...' and then just fill in the details. No longer. Many pundits claim to smell the winds of policy change blowing from the White House."

Why the change? Admitting that there is little hard information, just "a riot of rumors," Chernus suggests that a "new message from the military elite" is pushing the Obama administration to confront the Zionists. According to Chernus, such top US military leaders as Gen. Petraeus are drawing a line in the sand between America's interests and Israel's interests.

Next week's radio guest** Gordon Duff, suggests that the source of this generals' revolt is the rapidly spreading knowledge among the US military elite that 9/11 was a Zionist false-flag operation. Duff, editor of Veterans' Today and self-styled key source for leaks from high-level US military figures, told me last week that more and more US officers are aware of and unhappy about Israel's 9/11 false-flag attack on America and continuing Mossad sponsorship of such follow-up false-flag events as the underwear bombing escapade. He added that Obama has sided with the generals against the Israelis, who, he says, are trying to cover their 9/11 tracks through a "flight forward" into a wider Mideast war, presumably one ignited by another big false-flag attack on America. (Duff's prediction of an immanent false-flag event was quickly followed by the Times Square episode, another pathetic "bomb that couldn't possibly blow up" song-and-dance presumably sponsored by the usual suspects.)

Duff suggests Obama and the newly 9/11-savvy military leaders are up against near-complete Zionist control of Congress and the media.

Is Duff right about 9/11 truth being the key factor turning the generals, and with them the Obama Administration, against the Zionist regime of 9/11 suspect Benjamin Netanyahu? Listen to my interviews with Chernus tonight, and Duff next week, then decide for yourself.

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* Truth Jihad Radio tonight, Saturday, May 8th 5-7 pm Central on AmericanFreedomRadio

** Truth Jihad Radio Saturday, 15th, Nakba Day, 5-7 pm Central on AmericanFreedomRadio