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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Name that 9/11 command-and-control network!

Just what the bleep is PDAS (pronounced "Peed-Ass"): Pretty Damned Amazing Secret? Portable Disinformation Action Simulator? President's Death-to-America Synchronizer?

Whatever it is, it ain't pretty. According to Wayne Madsen:

"Multiple U.S. intelligence sources have reported to WMR that a super-classified network with only some 70 terminals in select U.S. government locations handled the parallel command-and-control activities that permitted the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be successful. The 'above top secret' network bears the acronym 'PDAS.' WMR has not yet discovered what the acronym stands for..."

We at TruthJihad.com think America needs to know. That's why we're announcing the Name that 9/11 Command-and-Control Network contest. To enter, just leave a comment with your guess as to what the acronym PDAS stands for. The best entry wins a package including autographed copies of my latest two books, plus a bunch of cool DVDs.

So guess away. But remember -- if you guess right, they're going to have to kill you.


  1. Project DUMB ASS (Project Demostic Attack Simulator/simulation). I bet they had one of these on the E-4B Doomsday plane spotted on 9/11 and operated from there. You should do another contest to name the different locations they were probably stationed at.

    The acronym PDAS is made up of one of these possible combinations: P&D&A&S,PD&AS, P&DAS, PDA&S,P&DA&S, PD&A&S or P&D&AS.

    This is a list of acronyms already compiled for the differnt letters and letter combinations in PDAS. There is a chance that the correct phrase is a combination of those found in the list below*(*List was too long. List can be found by entering in each combination of acronyms in PDAS as http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com)

    We can easily eliminate many of these. I suggest copying and pasting these to work with them in a spread sheet, eliminating any you think are not likely, and thinking up other possibilities not listed (t)here. I will also guess that ther correct phrase combo includes computer related and or military or aviation terms.


  2. Wayne Madsen says that it probably stands for "Planning and Decision Aid System." - Rob B.

  3. http://comptroller.defense.gov/defbudget/fy2009/budget_justification/pdfs/01_Operation_and_Maintenance/O_M_VOL_1_PARTS/TJS%2009PB%20OP-5.pdf

    6. Planning and Decision Aid System (PDAS) is an automated information system protected program under Secretary of Defense (SecDef). The PDAS supports the planning and execution of Integrated Joint Special Technical Operations (IJSTO).

  4. Okay, you got it right and showed us the evidence -- now they're REALLY going to have to kill you ;-)

    Send me an email at kbarrett(AT]merr.com if you want to claim your prize. The books, I mean.

  5. Thsnks for the blog entry on WMR's article. It's not much of a revelation Cheney was probably in charge. The system executing the electronic orders is pretty darn interesting, however. I just wonder how many are at Dyncorp, Booz Allen Hamilton or even BAE? These dark regions pique one's interest! I always wonder is Site R Cheney's crypt? It seems so!