Everybody loves my holocaust revisionism show - what am I doing wrong?!

My "Springtime for Hitler" plan to stage a spectacular, catastrophic debacle lies in ruins! Mel Brooks, eat your heart out!
A couple is having a nasty fight. You step between them to make peace. What happens? They both turn on you and clobber you.

Everybody knows that "if you piss off both sides, you must be doing something right." By setting up a radio debate on holocaust revisionism, I thought I had a foolproof plan to be reviled by just about everybody and take a giant step toward being universally despised. The "six million Jews died and not a Jew less" crowd would pound the living crap out of me for even having a revisionist on my show, while the "Uncle Adolf was actually a really nice guy, and he hardly killed ANY Jews except for maybe a few hundred thousand" folks would stone me with swastikas for not endorsing their case. It was a perfect lose-lose situation.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans for abject failure sometimes fail to fail at all. Roberto Muehlenkamp, one of the world's best-known anti-revisionists (who did a very good job as my second hour guest) thanked me for doing the show and wrote "Your moderation was even-handed and your questions were very good." Thomas Dalton, his mostly-pro-revisionist opponent, also thanked me and said "I thought it was a good show.  They (anti-revisionists Muehlenkamp and Andrew Mathis) were very cordial!" A leading light of the 9/11 truth movement wrote "As always, Kevin, I admire your courage and truth seeking." A Jewish 9/11 truth activist colleague who had been giving me a hard time not long ago wrote "Glad to see you're still at it." Another truth activist wrote "You, sir, are simply awesome. With admiration and respect, (name deleted)." And on it goes. Everyone from my ardent anti-revisionist friends to a disquietingly pro-Nazi revisionist listener seems to think it was a good idea and a good show.

The only significant negative feedback so far just arrived while I was in the middle of writing this blog entry. It's from an excitable Canadian truther friend, who wrote: "Kevin, I can no longer support your radio show on American Freedom Radio  featuring holocaust revisionists on a 9/11 truth program. I've opted to turn this off for good.  Please with respect, remove me from your radio mailing list."

PHEW! Somebody finally hates me! I guess it wasn't a total wash-out after all ; - )

You can listen to my sweet, cute & cuddly show on Holocaust revisionism -- a show that seems to have made the whole world fall in love with me, except for my good friend Doug -- here.