New poll: About 1 in 3 Americans thinks 9/11 was "a big fabrication"

A new poll has shown that about 1 in 3 Americans -- roughly 100 million people -- think 9/11 was "a big fabrication."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 
happy that 100 million Americans agree 
with him that 9/11 was "a big fabrication"

The poll was evidently commissioned and/or conducted by anti-9/11-truth forces, as demonstrated by the headline: "Americans Disagree with Iranian President on 9/11 'Fabrication.'" By framing the issue as one of agreement or disagreement with media-demonized Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and focusing on those who disagreed, Angus Reid Public Opinion was spinning the story as hard as it could possibly be spun. But all the spin in the world can't hide the fact that these are the biggest MIHOP* numbers yet!

According to the new Angus Reid 9/11 poll, 26% of Americans say flat-out that 9/11 was "a big fabrication," while 12% more aren't sure. Splitting the difference with the not-sures, we arrive at 32% either flat-out believing or leaning toward MIHOP. Taking into consideration the obvious pollster bias, and the psychological tendency of poll respondents to disguise their real beliefs in order to avoid pejorative labels like "conspiracy theorist" or "Ahmedinejad supporter," we must conclude that the real numbers are considerably higher.

Compare the Angus Reid poll with the scientific poll conducted by Voice Broadcasting, Inc. for my Congressional campaign, which found that one out of three Wisconsin District 3 voters either thought the 9/11 WTC "collapses" were actually controlled demolitions, or that we needed a new investigation to find out.

MIHOP = Made It Happen on Purpose (i.e. "they did it") as opposed to LIHOP = "Let It Happen On Purpose."