USA officially declared insane

Almost half a million Americans die from tobacco each year. Roughly a quarter-million die from bad medical treatment, almost 200,000 of them from in-hospital medical errors. About 40,000 die from automobile crashes.

Plane crashes are few and far between, and terrorist-caused ones are fewer and far-betweener.

After adding up the numbers, Tom Engelhardt writes:

"And yet here's the strange thing: thanks to what didn't happen on Flight 253, the media essentially went mad, 24/7."

And Americans went along with it.

The whole country has gone insane.

What explains the outbreak of madness? In a word: Islamophobia. The patsy had a Muslim name, which gave the Zionist-dominated media an excuse to whip up religious hatred.

More evidence of Islamophobic insanity: The war criminals who invaded Afghanistan are putting a brave child soldier who fought them on trial...for, get this, war crimes! Omar Khadr, a then-15-year-old Canadian citizen who was shot by the war criminal invaders, is being accused of...get this...fighting back! According to the war criminals, Khadr, after being shot, lobbed a grenade at his assailants.

I don't know about you, but if my 15-year-old son were in a country being invaded by war criminals, got shot by the war criminals, and fought back, I would consider him a hero.

According to the Washington Post,  Khadr was in a building with other soldiers defending Afghanistan from the invading war criminals when:

Apache attack helicopters, A-10 Warthog fighter jets and, finally, two F-18 jets unleashed their arsenals, reducing the hideout to rubble.

When the dust settled, American [war criminal] forces approached the ruined compound, only to be blasted by a grenade thrown by someone inside. Delta Force 1st Sgt. Christopher Speer, a father of two, would die more than a week later at a military hospital in Germany. Another Special Forces soldier, Sgt. Layne Morris, was blinded in one eye by another grenade.

Inside the compound was one survivor, Khadr, who had been shot twice in the chest.

Imagine that the USA was being invaded by the Chinese, and that a 15-year-old Canadian, temporarily in the US and holed up with defenders of the USA, fought back against a massive Chinese assault in exactly the same way Khadr allegedly did. Such a brave kid would be given the Medal of Honor.

When your opponent does something that, had someone on your side done it, would deserve the Medal of Honor, only a nation of gutless lunatics and crybaby pussies would put him on trial for war crimes.

Today's NWO-dominated war-criminal-controlled US military, a pathetic bunch of cowards who delight in killing people in complete safety via remote-control drones, but can't handle it when a fifteen-year-old fights back, is the most contemptible excuse for a fighting force in the whole sorry history of warfare.