Who's the Terrorist? Al-Balawi's attack on CIA terrorists is NOT terrorism, it's counter-terrorism

The great Palestinian hip-hop group DAM (I met them in person last year during their stop in Madison) are famous for asking min irhabi -- Who's the Terrorist? Let's apply that question to Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, who recently carried out a successful martyrdom operation against a group of CIA agents in Afghanistan.

Time Magazine reports: "So why did al-Balawi, a seemingly trusted agent, switch sides? The Jordanian intelligence sources who spoke to TIME speculate that al-Balawi had become enraged at the Americans for killing a high number of civilians in their hunt for al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders. And al-Balawi, who felt partly responsible for these deaths because of his role in pointing out the targeted villages in which al-Qaeda militants had been hiding, may have been consumed by guilt. 'It's very possible that he decided to take revenge for the death of these Muslim civilians,' says a senior Jordanian official."