Michael Morrissey: Controlled Demolition as Limited Hangout

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Michael Morrissey: Controlled Demolition as Limited Hangout

In my dialogue-gone wrong with Noam Chomsky, I was shocked when Chomsky argued that controlled demolition doesn't mean anything, because that would just mean Bin Laden did the demolitions.

Obviously nobody with a three-digit IQ, much less a four-digit one like Chomsky's, could fail to realize that only high-level Western insiders would have the access, expertise, and high-tech explosives to take down the three tallest skyscrapers ever intentionally demolished. Even more obviously, Bin Laden, a terminal (circa 2001) kidney patient in a cave, was hardly in a position to order NIST, FEMA and the FBI to cover up the demolitions.

From a public relations perspective, however, Chomsky may be on to something. My own dear mother recently admitted during her ten-second guest appearance on my radio show: "Yes, I think it was a controlled demolition, but I don't know who was behind it." Leaving aside the issue of my mother's IQ, which is actually quite respectable even though it took her almost a decade to figure out controlled demolition...I think her take on this is consistent with the way a lot of Americans will react as they gradually and rather foggily accept the evidence for demolition.

In his new essay Controlled Demolition as Limited Hangout, Michael Morrissey explains why the fairly obvious fact that there were no passenger airliner crashes on 9/11 is...well, important.

My only quarrel with Michael is his making Kevin Ryan and Steven Jones the bad guys. They are not. They are scientists who are tunnel-vision, laser-focused on the demolitions...and they have every right to be as clueless about public relations as Jim Fetzer is, which is saying a lot. As scientists, they naturally tend to study one topic at a time. (We humanists are the only people who do everything at once). And they have no expertise in aviation issues and crash forensics.

Crash forensics expert Col. George Nelson wrote more than four years ago that there was no evidence that any of the four airliners allegedly used on 9/11 crashed where we were told they did. And now Pilots for 9/11 truth has videos out that thoroughly debunk the government's stories of passenger airliners doing what we are told they did at the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

Anybody who believes the government's line about a 767 hitting the South Tower at 510 knots, a sea-level speed that is not just impossible but downright ridiculous, should listen to my recent interview with Ralph Kolstad...and anyone with a good counterargument should contact me at kbarrett(at)merr.com to set up an interview. I'd love to hear your case.