Huge stories the 9/11 truth movement gatekeepers continue to ignore...

In case you missed it, Jonathan Elinoff of Core of Corruption broke a huge story on my show last week. He'll be back tomorrow, Saturday 10/17, along with Webster Tarpley, on Truth Jihad Radio.

Jonathan has posted photos of the "art students" (Israeli spies?) in the North Tower before 9/11, surrounded by boxes of 3-4 tons of...what?

Ed Rynearson posted Jonathan's segment from Truth Jihad radio garnering thousands of hits and pushing into the top 100 of wordpress blogs worldwide! Yet you will search in vain for this genuine 9/11 NEWS story at the leading 9/11 truth news (gatekeeper?) site

Likewise you will search 911blogger in vain for news of Muslim Marine vet 9/11 activist Muhammed Abdullah, who has fought for 9/11 truth in court and then was targeted three weeks ago by a huge DHS raid that came in apparent reprisal for his 9/11 truth activism. Since when did the 9/11 truth movement stop caring when a truth activist is fired from his job for off-the-job activism, then intimidated by a DHS raid? Since 911blogger became an islamophobic gatekeeper site, that's when. The anonymous entities running 911blogger, who took it over by BUYING it (rather than earning their position through real truth activism under real names) are starting to resemble those Jeff Gates calls "the people in-between," meaning those who position themselves between the facts and the people who need to know those facts.

In my newsletter I just sent out a compendium of information on the Israeli links to 9/11, courtesy of Dick Eastman. Funny how none of that stuff ever shows up on 911blogger.

Several well-known 9/11 truth activists, including one who is part of the TruthAction cabal that usually badmouths me, have privately told me they admire my courage in discussing the Israeli angle, but "won't go there" themselves, out of some combination of fear that they will be targeted, and belief that any discussion of the topic is bad PR for the truth movement.

More pertinently, John Cobb, one of the world's top Protestant theologians, and my co-editor of 9/11 and American Empire v.2, wrote me saying he wasn't sure whether the 9/11 truth movement should be pointing the finger at Israel. (John will be joining me, along with Princeton professor and U.N. official Richard Falk, on Truth Jihad Radio October heck of a back-to-back guest lineup for Hallowe'en!)

I wrote back to John: "Bottom line: From the geostrategic perspective, it makes no sense for the US to go to war against the Muslim world. Absent Zionism, the US would be allied with the Muslim countries in security-for-oil arrangements against Russia and China, and this would serve all imaginable US interests much better than the war on terror/Islam does. Since 9/11 and the phony war on terror serve Zionist geostrategic interests but harm American ones, it seems logical to assume that Zionists did it...especially when the assumption is backed up by so much evidence. Telling this rather simple truth might turn out to be a good move politically as well as ethically. Most countries' leaders and their populations are interested in pursuing their own nation's interest (however defined) not somebody else's."