Attack of the Mockingbirds

Imagine the nastiest attack scene in Hitchcock's film The Birds. Then imagine that the killer birds are all in Operation Mockingbird, the CIA's media control division.

That's what it feels like every year in early September, as official propagandists swoop down on us "conspiracy theorists" in squawking flocks, depositing their ridiculous little turds of BS (birdsh*t) in our hair and trying to peck out all eyes that believe what they see, rather than what the authorities tell them.

The mockingbird attack began with the predictably awful National Geographic TV hit piece.

The birds then turned their sharp little beaks on Alex Jones, trying to peck him to death in the pages of Psychology Ptoday.

It continued yesterday with the gang-flocking of Van Jones, the Obama advisor who had had the audacity to sign the 2004 9/11 truth statement calling for a real investigation of the bloodiest crime in American history.

And today it hit the funny pages, as Skull-and-Bones member G.B. Trudeau, a longtime controlled-opposition operative, delivered a dollop of anti-9/11-truth propaganda completely devoid of wit. (I'm referring to his September 6th Doonesbury strip.) Trudeau comes from an elite background and apparently joined Skull and Bones in 1970, then began inflicting CIA propaganda on the American mind-controlled "left" after graduating from Yale in 1973.

And me, I've been swatting baby mockingbirds like mosquitos. The controlled opposition pseudo-truthers have been all over me, and all over Sander Hicks for inviting me to the We Demand Transparency conference in New York, 9/11 - 9/13. Just today, some nutball who goes by has been repeatedly spamming me and more than 270 other 9/11 truth people with Islamophobic garbage including vicious attacks on me and attempts to blame Bin Laden and other Muslims for the Mossad's controlled demolition of the World Trade Center.

Infowarriors, I hope you've stocked up on birdshot!