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Monday, April 20, 2009

Press for Truth Producer Needs Help to Complete New Film

Dan Sutton in Peoria (where I'll be speaking Sunday, May 3rd) writes:

Friends, please forward this to anyone who might help with this very important project.

Ray Nowosielski, producer of 9/11; Press For Truth is working on a new film about the 9/11 Commission, to be called Footnote 44. It focuses on the many important leads that were never followed. In other words, it proves a cover-up took place. Ray is asking for financial assistance to finish the film. Those who can invest are encouraged to do so, or even just make a donation.

The film will include interviews with several of the 9/11 Commissioners themselves.

As you know, major political crimes have been exposed because of the subsequent coverup.

Forward this to anyone and everyone you know.

Contact Ray Nowosielski at:
Banded Artists, LLC
1601 North Normandie Ave. #209
317 698-4642

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